Fee Structure

The Notification Fee

Our value-add is realized when we receive notification from the market of a booked load. The compensation model for DFM Data Corp. is a fee per load match notification. The “Notification Fee” is charged to the DFM each time they post a record of a consummated shipping order to the utility.

How Much is the Notification Fee?

We do not disclose the fee on our website. The fee we charge is not public information and is only disclosed to DFMs, because each DFM has the prerogative to set the fee they charge to the shipper at any level they choose.

Periodically, the Notification Fee structure will be reviewed by the Steering Committee. As needed, they will make a determination to revise the Notification Fee so that it equitably serves all stakeholders. At any time, participating companies can submit Ideas to the Accounting Working Group that make a case for a Notification Fee review. The Working Group can vote to convert the idea into an Issue and present it to the Steering Committee for consideration. The by-laws limit any lowering of the fee to 10% per each periodic review.

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