Two Missions

What gets us up in the morning are two important missions:

  1. We help make the 200+ North American based DFMs more successful
  2. We will fund the construction and operation of homes for individuals affected by autism and other similar disabilities who age out of educational support systems

On making DFMs more successful:

We are inspired by the innovation in the DFM space

We believe the DFM industry is critically important to the digitization of transportation and logistics

We envision DFMs working together, cooperating and collaborating with interoperability between DFM marketplaces

The automation and end-to-end visibility that DFMs provide to shippers, carriers, and brokers are primary drivers of the transportation industry’s digital transformation. DFMs are bringing to freight movement the kind of big data efficiencies from which so many other important industries have reaped dramatic benefits. New efficiencies in freight transportation serve to drive down costs for virtually every business vertical and every consumer.

The COVID crisis has shined a light on just how important visibility of every shipment actually is. Dynamic freight matching, (i.e., connecting a load to nearest truck) also adds significantly to fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions by minimizing empty miles driven to the next load. So, when we help DFMs to be more successful, we are helping the whole logistics industry, and really, that means we are positively impacting virtually everyone. That’s how important freight, trucking and logistics are to this country. And, it’s why we are very pleased to be able to play a role in advancing DFM success.

On funding homes for individuals affected by autism:

Every year, it is estimated that more than 100,000 people with autism spectrum disorder and other similar disabilities age out of the school system with devastating impacts. Virtually everyone in North America is from a family or is close with a family caring for a person with autism. Our founder, Michael Darden, is the father of three sons, two of whom have autism. Because of his personal experience and awareness of the greater need, along with our co-founders and executives, the company is committing 15% of its revenue to fund the construction and operation of supportive homes for individuals affected by autism or similar challenges who are aging out of the education system. 

The need is big. The task is big. But we know that as we succeed in our mission to make DFMs more successful, we will also be successful in our other mission to help families affected by autism to be able to count on continued care and support.

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