Steering Committee

John Greaves, PPE

Steering Committee Chairman

A globally recognized leader in technology who has pioneered development in DLT and Blockchain. His work in the Standards, Regulatory and Compliance areas for over 40 years enables him to support the rapid adoption of Blockchain DLT, revolutionizing IT as he states “in the post Turing era.”

Linda Geotze

Steering Committee Member / Executive VP

Blockchain / DLT, Industry leader – educator, cutting-edge technology enthusiast, i.e., digital agents, cryptocurrency – the go to person for connecting people, technology and businesses and opportunity,

Jeff Herle

Steering Committee Member / VP of Operations

Sr Operations Executive – 20+ years scaling and managing supply chains for Coca-Cola.  Consulting and leading operational process and KPI improvement. Customer service transformation and experience design.

Thought Leadership

Dr. Vic Uzumeri, Ph.D.

Operational Systems Architecture Advisor
Logistics Professor

Professor Emeritus, Auburn University Logistics and Operations management, Over 500 projects for Fortune 500 clients, Produces sophisticated eLearning designs, Investigates and reviews interesting new technologies and systems.

Andrew Cohen

Acting CTO

Technology Leader / Inventor: Guiding collaborative development in logistics, distribution, reservations, and airline governance. 

Michael Darden

Chairman / CEO

Supply Chain Executive / Inventor

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