Revenue Model

Our value-add can be realized when we receive notification from the market of a booked load. The compensation model for DFM Data Corp. is a notification fee per load. The fee is charged each time a DFM posts a record of a consummated shipping order to our platform.

As of now, the initial notification fee is set. The governance for how we function as a utility for the industry provides that, we establish a working group made up of representatives of various DFMs along with a representative from DFM Data Corp. to periodically review and make a recommendation for a revised transaction fee amount and structure that equitably serves all stakeholders. The vote to adopt the recommendation will be made by the steering committee, which is conducted in strict adherence with anti-trust laws. After that, all DFM Participating Members have a vote on the final recommendation.


Pass Through

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Benfits of membership

Learn more about our governance structure.  (links to

Learn more about US Patent 7755518 –Dynamic and predictive information system and method for shipping assets and transport   (links to

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