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Tech Connections: Matching expectations and services – FreightWaves – Phillipe Salles

Drewry’s Philippe Salles considers whether container shipping is ready for guaranteed services and prices.    International shipping is going through uncertain times — digital technology disruption, freight volatility, trade wars, new maritime regulations and increasing cybersecurity risks. Despite this, shippers, forwarders and carriers are striving for more certainty and transparency regarding guaranteed services and prices.  […]

FreightWaves Freight Intel Group researches “everything freight and logistics” – FreightWaves – Scott Mall, Managing Editor of Copy

As another service of FreightWaves SONAR, the Freightwaves Freight Intel Group was launched recently and is publishing in-depth research on “everything freight and logistics,” as Senior Research Analyst and team member Seth Holm described the Group’s mission. “We will be doing deep dives into topics that are most important to our industry, the inner workings […]

Brokers, don’t fear apps, says freight veteran Andrew Clarke – FreightWaves – Michael Angell, Bulk and Intermodal Editor

The shadow of obsolescence seems to be hanging over freight brokerages, given the rise of digital load matching apps and other technologies. But industry veteran Andrew Clarke says he is optimistic about the future of freight brokers due to increasing complexity of supply chains. Speaking at Transparency19 in Atlanta, Clarke said the success of his […]

The digital edge: brokers, carriers ramp up freight matching tools Aaron Huff| CCJ – @AaronHuffCCJ

In the not-so-distant future, matching loads with trucks could be as easy as catching a ride across town with the Uber app. In fact, Uber Freight is among a number of technology companies trying to digitize the entire load matching process. For most transportation companies, however, the road to automation is a work in progress. A sign […]

Convoy hits 100% automated load-to-truck matching in its top U.S. markets – Logistics Management – By Jeff Berman, Group News Editor

Seattle-based digital freight broker Convoy heralded a company milestone today for 100% automatic load-to-truck matching, minus human intervention, in key United States markets. Routes cited by Convoy, in this milestone, include: major West Coast markets such as Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles; Midwest routes from Chicago, Cincinnati and Milwaukee; routes from Texas markets such as […]

Growing Logistics Startup FourKites Moving to Larger Office – Transport Topics

Shipping logistics startup FourKites is moving its office to the West Loop Gate neighborhood of Chicago, having outgrown its space in the Loop. The growing software company operates in an industry that is drawing increasing investment as e-commerce giant Amazon.com redefines consumers’ expectations regarding shipping and deliveries. After raising $35 million earlier this year, Chicago-based […]

Amazon Relay App Will Help Truck Drivers Get In and Out of Warehouses Faster – Supply Chain 247

The-commerce giant has launched an app that will make deliveries from its Amazon fulfillment centers more efficient allowing truck drivers get in and out of warehouses faster, permitting them to check in with a QR code instead of badging in through security. Amazon Relay, quietly launched last month and first reported by CNBC, saves truck […]

The Shape of Logistics Things to Come – MH&L – Dave Blanchard

The Eagles once sang, “Things in this life change very slowly, if they ever change at all,” and certainly for most of the history of logistics, those words rang true. While we can all point to certain major events over the past century that did indeed change things as we knew them—containerization, deregulation, overnight deliveries—by […]

After years of trying, are digital freight brokers finally here to stay? – – FreightWaves – Brian Straight

Technology has made it easy for anyone to get into the game, but there are still obstacles The latest craze in logistics is the “uberization of trucking,” i.e. digital freight brokers (DFM). In reality, though, DFMs are not new, with the first iteration of them appearing in the early 2000s with companies such as Power2Ship […]

Does the ‘Uberization’ of trucking start with a local, trucker-centric focus? – CCJ – Aaron Huff| @AaronHuffCCJ

The trucking and logistics industry has been inundated by well-funded startup brokerage firms. Many have developed software that makes freight and capacity available to carriers and shippers on-demand. On-demand freight models seek to remove the role of an intermediary in freight transactions. Some refer to this “de-intermediation” movement as the “Uberization of trucking.” In theory, technology should make it as easy […]