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Behind the scenes with the Convoy gang – FreightWaves – Linda Baker, Staff Writer

Convoy CEO Dan Lewis is giving a tour of the company’s headquarters in downtown Seattle. He points out the stocked kitchens (plural), the 55-person data science team, the P&G Carrier of the Year award and the Ping Pong station, then stops in front of a bulletin board featuring the “Pets of Convoy.” There he pulls […]

FreightWaves featured in the Breakout List of high potential and growth startups – FreightWaves – Linda Baker, Staff Writer

The Breakout List of high potential and high growth start-ups for 2019 has been published, and FreightWaves is on the list, finding itself in the company of several renowned companies including Flexport, Clearbit, Bolt, Airtable, Reserve, comma.ai and DeepMind. To perceive the list’s relevance, it is essential to understand the essence of ‘breakout trajectory,’ and […]

Today’s Pickup: An analyst summarizes a panel on the disruption of the brokerage industry – FreightWaves – John Kingston

Good day, At FreightWaves, we’re still buzzing about the events of Transparency18, and the outstanding feedback we received about the event. Susquehanna transport analyst Bascome Majors published a list of “takeaways” from his visit to Transparency18, and here’s what he had to say about one panel on digital disruption in the brokerage business: “We attended […]

Demo block 1: the rise of hardware and data agnosticism – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

‘Agnostic’ was a word that kept coming up during the first round of technology product demonstrations at Transparency18 in Atlanta. Envio 360’s drayage optimization platform is “TMS agnostic” and open platform; Konexial’s GoLoad technology is agnostic with regard to telematics and TMS systems; FullBay’s cloud-based diesel truck maintenance solution is agnostic to repair shop and […]

Tight truck capacity shining spotlight on freight matchmakers – American Shipper – American Shipper Staff

The trucking industry is at an exciting but confusing point when it comes to digital load-matching technology and shippers will be brought along for the ride.    A few years ago, the domestic truckload market was seen as a logical place for the sharing economy to take hold.   The theory went something like this: The […]

The digital broker needs to think outside the app – FreightWaves – Zach Strickland, FW Market Expert & Market Analyst

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons New Rang Rover Evoque Autobiography) The union of technology and trucking is like an arranged marriage where the two parties must learn to love each other over years of interaction. Last week FreightWaves, in cooperation with CarrierLists, shared with you the results of their survey data indicating small carriers (<30 trucks) are […]

After years of trying, are digital freight brokers finally here to stay? – – FreightWaves – Brian Straight

Technology has made it easy for anyone to get into the game, but there are still obstacles The latest craze in logistics is the “uberization of trucking,” i.e. digital freight brokers (DFM). In reality, though, DFMs are not new, with the first iteration of them appearing in the early 2000s with companies such as Power2Ship […]

Convoy raises $62M from Bill Gates and other luminaries to transform trucking industry with technology

It’s a warm summer afternoon at the TA Seattle East truck stop in North Bend, Wash., and Jerry Brooks is waiting for business. The 60-year-old driver from South Carolina wants to head back east, but the offers he’s received so far don’t meet his standards for distance and pay. “Everybody you see here is looking […]

Bracing for Uber’s impact: How worried should your fleet be about market disruptors? – CCJ – Jeff Crissey| @JeffCrisseyCCJ

The “sharing economy,” loosely defined as peer-to-peer transactional systems for goods and services, has upended traditional industries across the globe. Last month, rideshare industry giant Uber launched its long-awaited Uber Freight, bringing with it the potential for disruption in the way carriers and owner-operators bid on and move freight in the future. Before you turn […]

11 tips for freight brokerage success – Brian Straight

If it seems that freight brokerage – both digital and traditional services – are popping up on a daily basis, it could be because they are, or it at least it seems that way. Digital freight matchers (DFMs) include familiar names such as J.B. Hunt 360, Convoy, CargoMatic, Haulfox, Transfix, HaulHound and Freight Rover. Most […]