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Uber Freight Europe acquired by German freight forwarder

Article written by Christopher Walton Scania 730 S 4×2 tractor with refrigerated box Berlin-based freight forwarder Sennder has acquired Uber’s European freight business. The deal was an all-stock transaction with Uber acquiring a minority stake in Sennder as part of this deal. Its European freight business will continue operating under the Sennder brand. Uber Freight’s […]

Logistics Manager Analysis: A wake-up call for international logistics?

Article written by Michelle Mooney The global economy was pretty choppy even before Covid-19 caused its chaos. But what are the prospects for international logistics, when supply chains are increasingly looking at resilience and reshoring? Michelle Mooney investigates. Before Covid-19 hit, tensions around international trade had been high. With an ongoing trade war between the […]

Asda renews reverse logistics contract with XPO Logistics

Article written by Michelle Mooney Asda has renewed its reverse logistics contract with XPO Logistics for a further three years – extending a partnership that goes back to 2002. XPO will continue to manage the logistics of Asda’s product trays across nine sites. The returned assets will be washed, inspected, and then reused for product […]

Mileway extends DHL Supply Chain lease

Article written by Michelle Mooney Last-mile logistics real estate company Mileway has extended a lease with DHL Supply Chain for a further four years. Blackstone Real Estate launched Mileway in September 2019 and owns and operates over 1,000 industrial properties across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the Nordics. The new contract […]

Logistics Manager Analysis: Sustainable Supply Chains

Article written by Christopher Walton Achieving sustainability throughout a supply chain could appear to be a never-ending task, and some supply chain professionals are calling for radical alterations to well-established business practices in order to make the changes required, writes Christopher Walton.   Mark Morley, director of strategic product marketing at enterprise information management software firm OpenText, says that in today’s market sustainability and ethical business […]

Logistics Manager Analysis: ERP Systems… I want it all, and I want it now

Article written by Michelle Mooney ERP should help a business streamline its processes and manage their supply chains more efficiently. But more data is being generated than ever before, and with artificial intelligence and mobile data changing the way businesses interact with their ERP there is a real danger of data paralysis. Michelle Mooney examines how the next wave of ERP is changing the supply chain.  […]