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Vector Teams With McLeod Software To Speed Up Transportation Billing

To speed up fleet and billing functions for truck drivers as well as back-office staffers, mobile capture and workflow technology company Vector has teamed with transportation management software firm McLeod Software, according to an announcement. Vector’s mobile application can now be put into place alongside McLeod’s DocumentPower and LoadMaster to simplify document collections and speed up billing as […]

Tossing Out The ‘Little Black Book’ Of Shipper-Carrier Matchmaking

A steady stream of trade and commerce will be critical to economic recovery, but with supply chains disrupted and many logistics operations forced to upend their business models, plenty of obstacles remain in the way of frictionless movement of goods. Although the pandemic has introduced immense and unfamiliar challenges to the logistics and supply chain […]

IBM’s New Transaction Tech Takes On Supply Chain Blindspots

IBM‘s new Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI) Enterprise and Multi-Enterprise editions allow companies to take away “supply chain blind spots” and respond to “predictive insights” from artificial intelligence, the technology company said in a post. “These editions build upon the IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence Basic Edition complementary capability of [the] IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN),” the announcement […]

VCs’ T&E Interest Preserved Amid Corporate Travel Shutdown

B2B venture capital (VC) enjoyed a strong week despite ongoing market volatility. While some newly-funded startups are helping their corporate customers navigate the new realities of a remote workforce, others aim to ease supply chain friction during volatile times. While the largest investment round of the week went to a cybersecurity firm, close behind was […]

Shipping And Logistics: An Industry Jolted Into Digitization

The coronavirus has turned entire industries on their heads, not least of all the shipping and logistics sector. Factory shutdowns and stay-at-home orders have disrupted manufacturing and production, with ramifications reverberating throughout global supply chains. Meanwhile, a surge in online shopping as more people stay home has added extra pressure on supply chain, shipping and logistics firms. […]

Bringg Announces Early Release Of B2B Delivery, Fleet Service

Online delivery platform Bringg has announced the early release of its new BringgNow solution to help with speedy online deliveries. The solution wasn’t supposed to be released until later in 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic necessitating speed in delivery of essential items like groceries, Bringg opted to roll it out early for free. With BringgNow, business owners […]

Digital Freight’s Bumpy Road As Virus Spreads, Macro Slows

Tech-enabled disruptors promise to upend the way things have always been done to help streamline industries that are paper-reliant, process-reliant and perhaps ripe for a shake-up. For some newer firms that have gone from concept to multiple funding rounds at what might seem breakneck speed, the question becomes whether the disruptors themselves can avoid being […]