The Need for a Governance Model

DFMs are competitors. Our model supports the need for competitors to cooperate and coordinate as a consortium to solve common issues.

Our governance-driven approach facilitates close, collaborative work performed for the good of the DFM industry.

We recognize that when we ask the DFM industry to come together in the spirit of coopetition, the best way to facilitate working together is with rules, procedures, and structure.

Collaboration amongst competitors can also be significantly constrained by antitrust law. Governance is the vehicle by which we foster an environment where competitive forces and antitrust law can exist in balance with working-trust and common interest. Adding blockchain allows trust to become verifiable – and immutable.

One Company, One Vote

We foresaw the need to facilitate the functions of governance via an online, collaborative platform.

We built an unprecedented work environment that provides the practical tools to perform the regular functions of DFM industry governance.

The platform provides tangible ways to participate, share ideas, and influence process and progress.

It also facilitates the review of newly proposed ideas and initiatives, with ability to vote up or down on whether to proceed.

Why a Total Market Solution Needs Governance

The DFM Data Corp. industry utility provides a solution that benefits all dynamic freight matching service providers.

The first phase of service improves data accuracy and market responsiveness by dynamically eliminating phantom load and phantom capacity data, simultaneously, from multiple freight marketplaces and platforms.

The solution requires firms to securely share their anonymized data via an API. The industry data utility platform provides participating DFM ecosystem members visibility to industry-wide data and analytics. 

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee owns the strategic direction of DFM Data Corp. services. At a minimum, its intent is to resolve issues, provide direction on ecosystem processes and procedures, review success metrics, and comply with regulatory and fiduciary reporting requirements. The Steering Committee is made up of DFM Data Corp. representatives, elected DFM Equity Members, and Contributing Members.

Working Groups

Five Member Working Groups have been established to address the DFM and Contributing Member voices. The online governance platform ensures transparency and accountability. Working Group participation is open to representatives from any DFM and Contributing Member in good standing.

Working Groups Structure

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