Imagine a new world…


Where all DFM providers can match loads on any truck, anywhere, coast-to-coast. 

This is a world with real-time visibility to the status of every load and every exception.

In this world, there is a universal DFM marketplace with one data standard, and all the DFM providers feed and access the master pool of data using their own DFM platforms.

That’s the world DFM Data Corp has made possible—a world where DFM providers are significantly more successful.


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In our DFM Company Directory you’ll find the who’s-who of Digital Freight Matching service providers. You can see the entire list at a glance, by category or discover the Premier DFM providers. Companies tfall into one of 6 categories: 3PL DFM, Carrier DFM, Int’l DFM, Platform DFM, Shipper DFM, and Tech DFM.


Your company should already be included in our database. All you have to do to claim your listing is enter your preferred contact info. We found your company researching all DFM companies that have presence in well distributed media publications as doing Digital Freight Matching have been identified and added as an unclaimed Directory listing.  If you want to Claim one of the Listings Click Below and Search for known companies available to claim.


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