We are inspired by the spirit of the innovators in the DFM space. 
We believe the DFM industry is critically important to the world.
We know what will happen when DFMs come together in the spirit of “coopetition” and adopt data standards and establish interoperability between DFM marketplaces.

DFM Data Corp. was formed exclusively to serve Digital Freight Matching (DFM) service providers.  Our primary mission is to accelerate adoption of DFM services by shippers and carriers.

When we started this journey, we knew that the advent of DFM Data Corp. would change things considerably for DFM’s and their customers. As we meet with more and more DFM industry leaders, one by one, we see the shift in their outlook as we walk them through our vision and plans. They all quickly see the opportunity within our function as a neutral utility at the center of the DFM industry providing specialized data management and analytics services along with strategic marketing support. 


DFM Data Corp’s service model drives DFM market share while reducing critical DFM operational friction by:
  • FACILITATING interoperability with a blockchain-enabled distributed data clearinghouse:
  • ELIMINATING phantom load and capacity data from all DFM marketplaces
  • PROVIDING all-new, real time DFM industry performance indices, insights and analytics
  • DRIVING awareness and demand for DFM services via a national marketing campaign
  • FOSTERING an industry culture of trust, cooperation and collaboration

INTEROPERABILITY – As a neutral industry advocate, DFM Data Corp. provides DFM’s something they cannot provide to themselves: Functional, anonymized interoperability between DFM marketplaces and platforms through a distributed data clearinghouse. DFM’s are able to post their data to a data lake through an API with minimal resources and without modification to their proprietary platforms.

FRICTIONLESS MATCHES – DFM’s feed us their data in real time, we anonymize it, purge it of phantom data, and feed it back to them. As a result, DFM’s will move significantly closer to reality of fully-automated frictionless matches, saving countless man hours, eliminating booking confirmation delays – and creating happier customers.

INDICES, INSIGHTS AND ANALYTICSThe aggregation of anonymized data from DFM’s enables a dataset completely new to the world, yielding the ability to report new industry performance metrics and insights. Participating DFM’s can use these data and analytics to chart their company’s progress, plan for growth, and to innovate their future. The freight industry overall will finally have a reliable spot market index driven by real time data from DFM transactions. We will also be able to calculate carbon offsets created by digital matching which results in significantly fewer empty miles driven. Additionally, the data will be explored by data scientists ongoing for use by DFMs to run smarter and leaner.

AWARENESSDFM Data Corp. is committed to driving a continuous flow of new leads from shippers, carriers and brokers actively seeking DFM services. When DFM participation in DFM Data Corps.’ services reaches critical mass, we will fund an ongoing, national-scale marketing campaign on behalf of the industry. The communications goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of digital freight matching and the identities of the participating DFM service providers.

COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION – The DFM data clearinghouse is built upon a blockchain infrastructure that enables smart contracts. This means DFMs can safely do business with shippers, carriers and brokers without an established business relationship. Each DFM marketplace’s data is anonymized and their data may be made visible to other DFMs facilitating shared market assets, and safe, co-brokered loads.



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“Michael Darden: A Passion for Digital Freight Matching and So Much More”

On May 29, 2020, Michael Darden was interviewed on Supply Chain Now Radio by Scott Luton and Greg White. Scott and Greg drew of Michael a passionate retelling of the origins of Digital Freight Matching in the early 2000’s.



Digital Freight Matching Interoperability Use Case – May 28, 2020

May 2020 was Supply Chain / Distribution Vertical month at the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce. We were invited to present our IBM Blockchain Platform based technology solution that facilitates the interoperability of Digital Freight Matching service providers.