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Convoy offering provides shippers and stakeholders with API access to its digital freight network – By Jeff Berman, Logistics Management – Group News Editor

Seattle-based digital freight broker Convoy announced today it has released a new offering that provides TMS (Transportation Management Systems) providers, Managed Transportation Providers (MTP) and other logistics stakeholders with access to its automated real-time pricing and capacity for live and drop-and-hook loads. Entitled Convoy Now, company officials described this offering as a suite of application […]

What a difference a year makes in trucking – By Jeff Berman, Logistics Management – Group News Editor

A year ago this time, it is fair to say that the trucking sector was running strongly on all cylinders, buoyed by very strong economic fundamentals, a high level of consumer confidence, and tight capacity, which helped drive rate growth. But fast forward a year later, and it is clear that the tables have turned […]

Uber Invests $200 Million to Expand Freight Trucking – Supply Chain 247 – By 24/7 Staff

Uber & Uber Freight Investment As reported by The Verge, Uber will invest $200 million and hire thousands of engineers to bolster its two-year-old long-haul trucking venture, Uber Freight, the company announced today. It’s a huge vote of confidence in Uber’s growing freight division, even as Uber’s overall business continues to hemorrhage billions of dollars every […]

Coyote Logistics rolls out new offering focused on digital freight platform enhancements – By Jeff Berman, Logistics Management – Group News Editor

Chicago-based transportation management services provider Coyote Logistics, a subsidiary of freight transportation and logistics services bellwether UPS, this week introduced a new program and digital freight platform upgrades to better meet the needs and challenges shippers and carriers are facing. Entitled the Carrier of Choice Program, Coyote officials said that it rewards high-performing carriers with […]

2019 Truckload Brokerage Roundtable: Market calms, but strength persists – by Jeff Berman, Logistics Management – Group News Editor

A year ago at this time, it was widely stated that trucking market conditions were booming due to heightened demand, tight capacity and a strong economy. Today, while it may not be operating at the same elevated levels, the market remains strong overall, even though rates have taken a step back, capacity has loosened and […]

GlobalTranz introduces a new digital freight matching offering, GTZamp – By Jeff Berman, Logistics Management – Group News Editor

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based GlobalTranz, a full-service 3PL focused on freight brokerage and technology, announced today it has rolled out a new digital freight matching (DFM) offering, entitled GTZamp (Automated Movement Planning) for enterprise shipper customers that meshes the speed and ease of DFM with enhanced, multi-movement planning capabilities. GlobalTranz officials said that GTZamp is comprised of various […]

Convoy’s Automated Reloads provides efficiency upgrades for carriers to keep moving freight – By Jeff Berman, Logistics Management – Group News Editor

Seattle-based digital freight broker Convoy, launched a new offering today that, it said, is geared towards booking multiple loads at a time. Entitled Automated Reloads, Convoy said this offering leverages algorithmically evaluates and continuously optimizes how loads can be grouped in real-time, all without human intervention. Carriers can bid their rates or instantly accept these […]

BlueGrace Logistics Founder and CEO Bobby Harris offers up state of markets – Logistics Management – by Jeff Berman, Group News Editor

Logistics Management (LM): How do you view the current state of the freight economy? Bobby Harris: When you look at the first quarter, based on data from publicly traded companies, it is no secret that the market was softer in the first quarter than a year ago. And we are seeing that same softness when […]

New FourKites offering provides shippers and vendors with increased freight visibility – Logistics Management – Jeff Berman, Group News Editor

Chicago-based FourKites, a provider of real-time tracking and visibility solutions across transportation modes and digital platforms, said today it has introduced a new offering that it says is the first product that offers shippers with real-time visibility across their network and also for freight that they do not manage. Entitled FourKites Network Visibility, company officials […]

Fr8Hub launches U.S.-Mexico digital freight marketplace – Logistics Management – By Jeff Berman, Group News Editor

Laredo, Texas-based Fr8Hub, a cloud-based over-the-road freight marketplace focused on United States-Mexico cross-border shipping, recently announced it has rolled out the 2019 version of its cross-border offering. Established in July 2017 Fr8Hub said that the focus of its digital freight marketplace is on directly matching cross-border shippers throughout Mexico and the U.S.—to and from border […]