McLeod Software develops TopMatch feature for brokers – CCJ – Aaron Huff| @AaronHuffCCJ

McLeod Software announced a new TopMatch technology that combines multiple carrier search criteria into one comprehensive search to find the best match for every load. The technology is an important element of the company’s Digital Freight Matching strategy for brokers.

A common practice to cover loads is to look at specific characteristics, such as carriers that:

  • Have the lowest historical rate in a lane
  • Hauled the load in the past
  • Historically have worked in the lane
  • Have equipment available in the vicinity of the pickup point.

A more effective way to improve the carrier search results is to narrow the searches and combine these characteristics and score them, the company says.

Using TopMatch, PowerBroker users can define a profile with multiple search types and assign different weights to each factor based on what they believe is the value of that parameter in the search. Carrier search results will provide a list of carriers sorted and scored with based on those weighted factors.

The goal, the company says, is to give the broker a prioritized list of the first carriers to offer the order to, and those at the top of the list are far more likely to be the best candidates for the load.

TopMatch also feeds the best ranked carriers into PowerBroker’s automated Waterfall Tendering to automate the freight matching process by getting the system to offer the load to the right carriers and get it covered without human intervention. Using the TopMatch machine learning technology helps take the guesswork out of knowing which carriers to offer the order to first.

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