Why Trucking Needs to ID Loads Sooner

DFMDC has been working on the problem of “Phantom Data” or “Ghost Loads” in the spot marketplace. Phantom Data occurs when a shipper or broker puts load postings out with multiple intermediaries: digital freight management (DFM) systems, traditional brokers, and carriers. Some of them will (possibly unbeknownst to the shipper) be reposted as load notices …

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When a Confirmed Load… Is Suddenly NOT Confirmed

[EXERPT] Surprisingly, our conversations with DFM operators also have revealed that while they know phantom data is costing them, they don’t know HOW MUCH it is costing them. Along with their perception that there is no way to identify replicated data before the false-positive match, very few DFMs have looked into the impacts to their operations. They apparently instead focus their resources on what they consider to be “SOLVABLE” problems…

Why Governance is Important

Blockchain is one of those top strategic priorities we all keep reading about.  And the interest in it is growing; at 43% in 2018, blockchain is now a top priority for 55% of global businesses (according to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey).   But – and this is a big one – one of the greatest …

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