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ASTM International is a standards development organization (SDO) that has been recognized as an international standards developer by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Operating for 125 years now, ASTM leads in about 150 major global industries and has over 12,800 standards created and being updated by over 30,000 volunteer technical experts from different parts of the world.

ASTM International integrates consensus standards and is committed to the World Trade Organization’s principles for international standards development: transparency, openness, impartiality and consensus, effectiveness and relevance, coherence, and development dimension. ASTM has about 150 committees (with over 2,100 subcommittees) that meet in-person and virtually and use tools like electronic balloting and online collaboration areas to develop standards, and those standards are published by ASTM shortly thereafter… Helping our world work better.

Committee F49 – Digital Information in the Supply Chain

In October 2022, ASTM International established the F49 Technical Committee on Digital Information in the Supply Chain. F49 will develop international standards for the appropriate sharing and use of digital information to enhance end-to-end visibility in the global supply chain.

ASTM F49 Introductory Video


ASTM International Committee F49 is focused on providing the data standards necessary for next generation efficiencies in the global supply chain process covering all major modes of transport: Ocean Full Container, Ocean Less-Than-Container, Short-Sea, Road, Rail and Air. Supply Chains face poor performance of logistics resulting from massive problems and disruptions caused by the current inadequate communication processes. F49 will deliver standardized common language, common processes, and information exchanges that will remove roadblocks to better performance of logistics and Supply Chains.


The promotion of knowledge, stimulation of research, and the development of standards and specifications, formulation of definitions and terminology, and development of recommended practices and guides related to the sharing and use of digital information in the supply chain. The Committee will coordinate with any other ASTM Technical Committees and other standards development organizations (SDO) with related interests and ensure that the standards are technology and vendor neutral, and the standards development process is consistent with WTO principles.


  • F49.01 Terminology
    • Subcommittee Chair: Michael Darden, DFM Data Corp., Inc.
  • F49.02 Interoperability
    • Subcommittee Chair: Iliriana Kaçaniku, Open Solve Studio
  • F49.03 Essential Data Elements
    • Subcommittee Chair: Cindy Allen, Tradeforce Multiplier
    • Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Jim Swanson, Triple C Consulting
  • F49.04 Recommended Practices, Guides, and Specifications
    • Subcommittee Chair: Jaco Voorspuij, FixLog Consulting
  • F49.05 Enabling Technology
    • Subcommittee Chair: Rob Rosenberg, NTELX
  • F49.06 Clarity, Measurement, and Authenticity of Information
    • Subcommittee Chair: Jeff Weiss, Steptoe
  • F49.91 Long Range Planning
    • Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Jack Crumbly, Tuskegee University

F49.90 Executive Committee

Chair: Jeff Weiss
Vice-Chair: Jack B. Crumbly
Membership Secretary: Drew Zabrocki
Recording Secretary: Robert Handfield
ASTM Staff Manager: Jennifer Tursi

ASTM Committee Week November 1, 2023 group photo

F49 Work Items

WK87207 New Practice for Container Availability
WK87215 New Terminology for FMC’s MTDI Lexicon Comparison or Alignment
WK87321 New Terminology for Goods Movement Process (GMP) Precise Foundational Definitions — designated as ASTM F3682-24 as of February 22, 2024
WK87871 New Terminology for Supply Chain Terms and Modifiers for Objects, Events and States
WK88045 New Terminology for Event Terms Used Between Posted and Pre-Booked
WK88046 New Terminology for Event Terms Used Between Pre-Booked and Booked
WK88047 New Terminology for Event Terms Used Between Booked and En Route
WK88048 New Terminology for Event Terms Used Between En Route and Delivered
WK88049 New Terminology for Event Terms Used Between Delivered and Invoiced
WK88050 New Terminology for Event Terms Used Between Invoiced and Archived
WK88126 New Specification for on the Essential Data Set for the Transport of Cargo
WK88617 New Terminology for Aligning MTDI Lexicon with NSAC Minimum Required Export and Import Data Set
WK88924 New Terminology for GMP Bookend Phases: Forecast Phase and Research/Analysis Phase
WK88966 New Terminology for Supply Chain Terms Used To Define Events (Non-event terminologies)
WK88967 New Terminology for Supply Chain Stakeholders

Revision of F3682-24 Standard Terminology for Goods Movement Process (GMP) Precise Foundational Definitions (On Ballot, closing on April 4, 2024)
WK89834 – Modification of the definitions
WK89835 – Additional terms and definitions

F49 Committee Week

F49 meets during the spring and fall ASTM Committee Weeks for two days of technical meetings.

2023 Committee Week

November 1-2, 2023
Washington Hilton
Washington DC

Seminar: Bridging the Gaps (November 1, 2023)

Seminar: Bridging the Gaps

First Committee Week

2024 Committee Week (Spring)

April 10-11, 2024
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
1201 Market St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

F49 Digital Information in the Supply Chain Seminar

Registration is on going for in-person attendance
Details for virtual attendance will be available soon

2024 Committee Week (Fall)

October 9-10, 2024
Renaissance Orlando
Seaworld, 6677 Sea Harbor Dr, Orlando, Florida


ASTM F49 Chair Jeff Weiss presents at the FMC NSAC 2023-11-16 Meeting; NSAC Vice Chair Response
ASTM F49 Presentation to the FMC NSAC
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