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DFM Data Corp., Inc. — A Georgia Corporation founded in 2019, managed by its Committee of the Members. DFMDC delivers Technology, Standards, and Best Practices Governance for the North America Logistics Industry.  DFMDC’s ecosystem of virtual and cloud-based technology, blends authenticated data from Members with innovative processing and analytics, fueling the digital freight market commerce of tomorrow.

DFM Data Corp., Inc History

DFM Data Corp, Inc. was incorporated on April 16, 2019. Our vision is to optimize the US trucking market by supporting a consortium of Dynamic Freight Systems and Transportation Management System Providers enabling a unified digital marketplace using real and real-time data. Our legacy dates back to 2003, when our founder Michael Darden started the first Dynamic Freight Matching company.

Patent Issued: USPTO #7755518

Dynamic & predictive information systems & methods for shipping assets & transport

Patent is in full force and effect until July 13, 2025


FreightWaves Article

2017-08-17 – After years of trying, are digital freight brokers finally here to stay?
“The latest craze in logistics is the ‘Uberization of trucking’, i.e. digital freight brokers (DFM). 
In reality though, DFMs are not new, with the first iteration of them appearing in the early 2000s with companies such as Power2Ship…”

DFM Data Corp., Inc. was Founded

ISO 8000-116 ALEI: [US-GA.BER:19056389]

Empower Dynamic Freight System and Contributing Members the connectivity and interoperability of DFM Data’s Data Lake

DFM Data Corp secured exclusive rights to license Patent 7755518 to those Digital Freight Matching companies practicing the invention

Equity – Each Member DFM Purchase License for One Member Share
Transaction: Cost Plus

DFM Data takes Angel Funding and begins ATR (Anonymizer) Development

2019 April 16
2019 May

DFMDC meets Industry Legend John Larkin

DFMDC Secured exclusive license to USPTO 7755518 Claims

2019-10-01 DFM Data Corp. Secured exclusive license to Claims 6, 12, 21, 26 of USPTO 7755518
2019-10-10 DFM Data Corp. receives USPTO Certificate of Authenticity

2019 October

DFM Consortium Platform Launched

Command Center / Member Voice; Governance Software as a Service (SaaS)

Q1 US DOT: Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) – Submitted Proposal

2020-02-25 – Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Membership


Scheduled to Launch April 2, 2020 at TIA – Panel Host – John Larkin
Mar 16, 2020 – Covid-19 Shuts down the world. TIA Cancelled

Recognizing accelerant of Covis-19, secure additional funding to develop ‘The Anonymizer’, and establish the Member Voice Platform for interconnection

Q4 – Introductions to Legacy Logistics industry leaders by John Larkin

Engage Industry Associations

DFMDC engages with CSCMP as Corporate Members

2021-02-24 White Paper Request for Comments Phantom Data – Driving Collaboration Between Digital Freight Matching Providers©

DFM Data Presents at Paris Blockchain Week

Launch Automatic Transaction Relay (ATR)

DFM411 – Largest directory of Freight Tech providers

2021 Summer


2021-07-22 DFMDC publishes White Paper Request for Comments TUID – Draft Method for a Transport Unit IDentifier (TUID)©

2021-08-17 – TUID Podcast with Joe Lynch, Vic Uzumeri, and Linda Goetze
2021-09-01 – TUID Q and A with Dr. Vic Uzumeri, John Greaves, Joe Lynch
2021-09-14 – TUID Part 3 of 3, Request for Comments on Whitepapers – Minimum Transaction Milestone Steps

2021-09-21 – DFM Data Corp. presented to Hyperledger Special Interest Group – Trade Finance – ‘Fluid TUID’

DFMDC Deploys The AnonymizerTM on Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu Operating System

2022 January 31
2022 Q1

Government Agency Reports and Statements on the Supply Chain

Government Agency Reports on the Supply Chain
– Department of Commerce & Department of Homeland Security: Assessment of the Critical Supply Chains Supporting the U.S. Information and Communications Technology Industry
– Department of Defense: Securing Defense-Critical Supply Chains
– Department of Transportation: Transportation Industrial Base Freight and Logistics

2022-03-15 – White House Fact Sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces New Initiative to Improve Supply Chain Data Flow
2022-03-15 – White House Statement and Release: Readout of Supply Chain Event Launching Data Initiative for Greater Supply Chain Resilience
2022-03-15 – Department of Transportation – Industry Leaders Endorse Biden-Harris Administration Initiative to Improve Supply Chain, Increase Data Sharing
2022-03-31 – US Senate Passed S.3580 – Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022

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