Together, DFMs Have The Power

INTERCONNECTED is just the beginning. Soon, Dynamic Freight Matching service providers (DFMs) will transform the future of digital freight by switching on the power of true INTEROPERABILITY between DFMs. As a neutral utility, functioning as the data clearinghouse for the approximately 200+ North American DFMs, DFM Data Corp. is both the catalyst for DFMs coming together and the platform by which they can functionally collaborate and cooperate.

Our platform allows ANONYMIZED data-sharing between DFMs and the automated removal of duplicated load and capacity postings (aka “Phantom Data”) from multiple DFM marketplaces, platforms and load boards—and ultimately, the entire US truckload spot market. Eliminating Phantom data means being able to consistently deliver on the promise of FRICTIONLESS matches virtually 100% of the time.

Providing a better customer experience along with improved operational efficiency is how DFMs can drive more demand, more loyalty, more growth, higher margins, and more PROFIT! Only by working together toward common interest can DFMs eliminate Phantom data.

Together, DFMs have the power.

What is phantom data?

Shippers, carriers and brokers commonly post their loads and capacity onto multiple marketplaces, load boards and platforms at one time. When a load becomes booked, the remaining platforms still show the listing as available. These now un-bookable loads are “phantom” data. The false-positive matches phantom causes, undermines dynamic freight matching algorithms and the customer experience.

How much does phantom data cost YOUR operation?

We can help you quantify the impacts to your operational efficiency. Have your team take this national survey as well as some of your customers’ teams. Get a sample of 25-50 each from shippers, carriers and your team. We’ll provide a report that compares the impacts to your operations with a national sample.
Experience the survey now – click here.

Who Controls the Data?

Our DFM Members own and control the data. Governance is how we foster an environment where competitors can cooperate and coordinate as a consortium. Our governance-driven approach facilitates close, collaborative work performed for the good of the DFM industry. We have even built an online platform where DFM Members can interact in joint planning and development of future utility functionality.

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