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Welcome to a world where all Digital Freight providers have eliminated phantom load and capacity data and can perform frictionless matches nearly 100% of the time, saving countless staff hours and creating happier, more loyal customers. In this world, there is a neutral utility serving as a clearinghouse for Digital Freight industry data, and all Digital Freight providers feed and access the master data using their own platforms, while a national marketing campaign is driving a new, rapidly growing wave of shippers and carriers actively seeking Digital Freight services.

With the advent of DFM Data Corp., a world where Digital Freight providers are significantly more successful, has started to happen.

Align With Visionary Digital Freight Service Providers

If you can see the possibilities that arise from the Digital Freight industry establishing data standards and interoperability between marketplaces, then your company needs to be involved by providing your anonymized transaction data into our blockchain enabled data lake.
Join the visionary Digital Freight thought leaders who see how coopetition is the way to accelerate market adoption of Digital Freight services and drive new efficiencies, customer loyalty and profitability.
VALUE PROPOSITION: DFM Data Corp. is the company to dedicated to advancing the Digital Freight industry by:
  • PURGING PHANTOM DATA FROM DIGITAL FREIGHT MARKETPLACES – Facilitating frictionless matches, significant labor efficiencies, and improved customer experience

  • FACILITATING CROSS-MARKETPLACE COMMERCE – Establishing new revenue opportunities by enabling safe co-brokered loads with all other participating DFMs

  • DRIVING AWARENESS & DEMAND FOR DIGITAL FREIGHT SERVICES – Executing an ongoing national marketing campaign on behalf of the industry to educate shippers and carriers, and to generate qualified leads for participating Digital Freight service providers.

  • PROVIDING REAL TIME INDICES, INSIGHTS & ANALYTICS INTO THE SPOT MARKET– Providing access to aggregated DFM industry transactions will help DFM’s price right, chart progress, plan, and innovate.


In our DFM Company Directory you’ll find the who’s-who of Digital Freight Matching service providers. You can see the entire list at a glance by category or discover the Premier DFM providers. Companies fall into one of 6 categories: 3PL DFM, Carrier DFM, Int’l DFM, Platform DFM, Shipper DFM, and Tech DFM.

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