The Future of Digital Trucking is Good

License the keys to unlock the Digital Future of Logistics
Good visibility and transparency are key to the Future

As the logistics marketplace evolves toward a Digital Ecosystem, the key definition in this transformation must unlock visibility and transparency for Shippers and Carriers alike. By utilizing the power of information and deep understanding of transactions, real visibility will be available at every point. True connectedness and real interoperability come from clarity achieved through openness and protected sharing of anonymized data throughout the life of the “load”. As the neutral utility and data clearinghouse for the hundreds of Dynamic Freight Systems involved in the Truck-Load transaction process, DFM Data Corp. is both the catalyst for the Logistics marketplace coming together and the platform by which they can functionally collaborate and cooperate.

John Greaves, Director, Global Standards, Architecture, Conformity and Propagation

Globally recognized as a leader in technology who has pioneered development in DLT and Blockchain. His work in the Standards, Regulatory and Compliance areas for over 40 years enables him to support the rapid adoption of Blockchain DLT, revolutionizing IT as he states “in the post Turing era.”

Andrew Cohen, EVP and Chief Technology officer

An expert in Collaboration, Logistics, Modeling, Digitization, Transaction Capacity and Price modeling, Cloud, SaaS and Cooperative building in the Airline Industry,

Our platform enables the unique tracking via a global identifier, broad posting, and ANONYMIZED sharing of “load” data between Digital Freight members during the lifecycle of the “Load”. Additionally, the platform automates the removal of covered loads and any duplication of the load and associated capacity postings (aka “Phantom Data”) from multiple Dynamic Freight marketplaces, including Dynamic Freight Brokers. TMS platforms, load boards (both Public and Private) — and ultimately, the entire US truckload spot market.

Eliminating Phantom data means being able to consistently deliver on the promise of FRICTIONLESS matches virtually 100% of the time. Providing a better customer experience along with improved operational efficiency is how Digital Freight can drive more demand, more loyalty, more growth, higher margins, and more PROFIT!

Only by working together toward common standards can the Digital Freight Systems eliminate the waste and unnecessary costs of Phantom data.

Together, Digital Freight Systems have the power, the power to define Industry Standards!

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