Transport Unit IDentifier Working Group

The Transport Unit IDentifier Working Group (TUIDWG) is a special working group dedicated to the pilot and scaling of the Transport Unit IDentifier (TUID) methodology in the United States.

What is the Transport Unit IDentifier (TUID)?

The Transport Unit IDentifier (TUID) is a unique identifier for a load where the goods movement process has reached a status when there is an authorized order for shipment.

A TUID composition

ISO 8000-119

ISO 8000 Part 119 is Master data: Exchange of transport unit identifiers: application of ISO 8000-115 to the formatting of transport unit identifiers. This standard, currently at Working Draft stage, specifies the requirements for a transport unit identifier (TUID). These requirements support the data to represent unambiguously the information that organizations use. Transport unit identifiers are important to organizations because these identifiers allow them to unambiguously identify a load and its shipment phases.

ISO 8000

ISO 8000 is the global standard for Data Quality and Enterprise Master Data. It describes the features and defines the requirements for standard exchange of Master Data among business partners. It establishes the concept of Portability as a requirement for Enterprise Master Data, and the concept that true Enterprise Master Data is unique to each organization.

Continue reading about ISO 8000 on Wikipedia

Why DFM Data Corp?

Watch ECCMA Executive Director Peter R. Benson answer the question why DFM Data Corp leads the pilot for the TUID

Read the ECCMA letter endorsing DFM Data Corp

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TUID Discussions

The TUID Podcast Series with Joe Lynch

DFM Data Corp. presented the ‘Fluid TUID‘ to Hyperledger Special Interest Group – Trade Finance

DFMDC and ECCMA presents The Path to Visibility and Clean Data – TUID and ISO Standards

Further Reading

DFMDC’s first WhitePaper: Driving Collaboration Between Digital Freight Matching Providers© released on 2021-02-24

DFMDC’s second WhitePaper: Draft Method for a Transport Unit IDentifier (TUID)© released on 2021-07-22

DFMDC Milestone Steps

TUIDWG Charter

TUIDWG Chairperson: Bill Stankiewicz

Bill Stankiewicz is “The Savannah Supply Chain Guy”. Bill has more than 30 years of experience in Industrial Facility Operations and Food Grade Distribution. He has worked at Savannah Supply Chain as a consultant in Savannah, Georgia. On weekends Bill teaches as Adjunct Professor at Savannah Technical College on the OS & OOG Freight Program for Pilot Escort and Fork Lift Safety Programs for certification and distribution operations.

Bill was recipient of the PepsiCo-Frito-Lay Service and Quality Awards at the 13th Annual Contracting Manufacturing Meeting in Plano, Texas. The Service Award was presented to Shippers Warehouse of Georgia with the following criteria: 2010 vs. 2011 Volume in cases & pounds and Perfect Order Compliance & Average Detention Dollars per load. Shippers Warehouse of Georgia was presented the award due to their accomplishments during 2010: (a) 102% volume increase 2010 vs. 2011, (b) 99.92% perfect order compliance, (c) $.053 average detention dollars per load, and (d) great customer service by all. The Quality Award was presented to Shippers Warehouse of Georgia with the following criteria: Improvement on consumer complaints from the previous year, foreign matter and AIB audit score. Shippers Warehouse of Georgia was presented the award due to their accomplishments during 2010—52% reduction on consumer complaints, no foreign matter and an average score of 925 on their AIB audits—both audits were unannounced.

Bill has been a key note speaker at many events on Social Media topics at the IWLA conference in Chicago and San Diego for 2009 and 2010. From 2017 to present, Bill is on the non-profit boards for WorkSource Coastal, Savannah Traffic Club, Savannah Logistics Technology Corridor Task Force, APICS-American Production Inventory Society SAV Chapter, and GMA- Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. Bill is also a volunteer teacher at Parents University helping Michael Oneal.

TUIDWG Timeline

July 21, 2022

Creation of the TUID Working Group

In a DFMDC Steering Committee Work Session Meeting, the idea of a special Working Group was brought up. The said Working Group was initially to focus on the implementation of the TUID in the Southeast US.

July 21, 2022
August 19, 2022

TUID Working Group Kickoff Meeting

DFMDC’s Steering Committee stood up the Transport Unit IDentifier Working Group as well as nominated and elected Bill Stankiewicz as the Chairperson to lead the Working Group efforts.
The TUIDWG Charter was also proposed and discussed.
2022-08-19 TUIDWG Meeting Deck
2022-08-19 TUIDWG Kickoff Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2022

Interested to Participate

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