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P2S Mobile, a unit of Freight Rate, Inc. d/b/a Power2Ship (P2S), a subsidiary of Jaguar Investments, Inc., announced that it has entered into an agreement to distribute Wireless Links, Inc.’s (“WLI”) GPSLink vehicle locator devices (“Locator Devices”).

The Locator Devices are sold with a handheld Personal Digital Assistant (“PDA”) containing P2S’ proprietary software at an extremely affordable price to truck operators that are members of the P2S MobileMarket. The Locator Device utilizes the GPS to determine a truck’s precise location at any given time and may be installed in a truck’s cab within minutes. This location information is wirelessly transmitted from the Locator Device to the nearest cellular tower which then sends it through the Internet to the P2S MobileMarket for viewing by shippers and carriers.

When connected to the Locator Device, the PDA enables other critical transportation information, including the data from the bill of lading, electronic signatures of the receiver of the shipment, etc., to be wirelessly transmitted between the drivers. WLI, a privately held corporation headquartered in New Jersey, has developed and markets a proprietary line of wireless mobile data products. Its products, including terminals, middleware and application software, interface with each other to provide modular total system solutions that are easy to use, simple to install, effortless to maintain and affordable. Its customers include courier, limousine, and field service and transportation companies.

Power2Ship is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that offers a highly accessible, user-friendly information and communication system for the truckload freight industry.

This system – named the P2S MobileMarket – includes an online site that collects, consolidates, processes and presents real-time transportation-related data that is valuable to logistics departments of shippers and motor carriers.

This information assists these shippers and carriers operate more efficiently by enabling them to

1) Identify and utilize excess transportation capacity,

2) Execute freight transactions online and

3) Track the movement of loads and/or transportation assets online.

Original Source: https://www.geospatialworld.net/news/p2s-mobile-to-offer-truckers-breakthrough-wireless-solution/

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