Power2Ship Officially Launches Next Evolution in the Logistics and Transportation Industry- MobileMarket TM real-time information yields immediate ROI

Power2Ship, Inc. (OTC BB:PWRI), an Application Service Provider (ASP) that delivers supply chain and logistics information to carriers, shippers and their customers, announced the public introduction of the Power2Ship (P2S) MobileMarketTM. The P2S MobileMarketTM is a proprietary internet-based solution that processes real-time information to enhance supply chain effectiveness and drive cost out of the transportation industry.

There are a lot of tools out there GPS devices, asset management tools, transportation management systems that help carriers manage their assets and shippers manage their goods, but no one has had a complete end-to-end solution until now, says Power2Ship president Michael Darden.

The P2S MobileMarketTM identifies and tracks carrier assets through the Continuous Movement Tool (CMT) an internet-based asset management system in which a carrier maintains data regarding their drivers, tractors, trailers, and current moving loads. This real-time information dynamically predicts when and where a carrier asset is going to be located once it has delivered its current load. Shippers using the P2S MobileMarketTM can instantly identify this future available capacity,view the carriersprices, and choose the closest available carrier at the best price.

Until now, there was no real-time way to keep up with in-transit inventory to manage the use of goods from the shippers and receivers perspective, says Darden. Power2Ship has developed the technology to bridge that gap with the use of our real-time CMT and P2S MobileMarketTM.

By collecting real-time information on carrier assets, identifying their sell price, tracking goods while in transit, and paying carriers quickly, the P2S MobileMarketTM addresses the main concerns of both carriers and shippers. Carriers want to keep their trucks loaded, get paid in full and on a timely basis, and retain qualified drivers. Shippers want to find quality carriers with capacity, know where their inventory is while in transit, and pay a fair price for transportation services.

The P2S MobileMarketTM is uniquely positioned to become the industry standard of how truckloads of freight are moved, says Darden. By creating significant efficiencies in the supply chain, the P2S MobileMarketTM enables businesses to optimize their profitability by minimizing their overall transportation costs.

Power2Ship initially released the P2S MobileMarketTM application in April 2003 and has since announced significant marketing opportunities. In April 2004, TruckersB2B agreed to offer Power2Ships MobileMarketTM to its 16,500 member fleets. The number of registered MobileMarketTM users currently includes approximately 1400 carriers and 150 shippers.

About Power2Ship, Inc.

Power2Ship (P2S) is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that delivers supply chain, tracking and logistics information to the freight industry. Utilizing leading technology that is cost-efficient and user-friendly, carriers, shippers and their customers can optimize their supply chain (value chain) and increase profitability.

P2S Member-Carriers enjoy free, unlimited use of the P2S Asset Management Tool. The P2S vehicle tracking system, combined with the Asset Management Tool, provides real-time information on the location, destination and availability of transportation assets through the P2S MobileMarket. P2S membership encourages improved business relations between its members, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Original Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/08/prweb148557.htm

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