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With truck drivers across the country being required to have electronic logging devices in their vehicles as of Dec. 18, some have complained about the move to electronic recording of hours when paper logs work just fine. For BigRoad CEO Tony Lourakis, the rule presented an opportunity.

“For us, it’s all about how do we make an ELD system – that is a must have that drivers must spend money on – something they can make money on,” he tells FreightWaves.

BigRoad has added a freight matching algorithm, BigRoad Freight, into its BigRoad ELD, so at least if drivers have to buy it, they have a chance for it to work to their benefit. “We’ve created an algorithm to identify loads that the driver can do,” Lourakis explains. “We can present that load to drivers so they can deliver it and maintain compliance.”

The in-app load matching system uses hours data and GPS location to identify a driver’s available hours and location and funnels loads that can be picked up and/or delivered within that timeframe. The app, when utilized by the drivers, presents loads that are available currently, but also those available in the days and weeks ahead, allowing drivers the flexibility to easily see what opportunities exist for them.

BigRoad has partnered with several brokers, load boards and digital freight platforms to curate available loads. That network will expand over time, Lourakis says.

The app sends push notifications to drivers once registered, providing them load details, including the payout, and the option to accept or reject loads from within the app. Once a driver accepts a load, BigRoad’s system immediately notifies the shipper so the load can be reserved for that driver.

Drivers who register for the freight matching app are required to enter their bank account information and some other information that ensures proper load matching, but once they do, BigRoad will pay the driver within a few days via a method of the driver’s choosing.

BigRoad Freight can be used by any BigRoad user, regardless of whether they have a DashLink ELD or BigRoad’s Mobile App logbook application.

Lourakis says right now, most of the freight on the system is truckload, but less-than-truckload is possible, although right now it would be up to the driver to know how much trailer capacity is available. That is something that may be automated in the future.

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