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Lanetix, a San Fransisco-based startup that was seeded by investment from, announced a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite developed exclusively for asset-owning trucking firms and freight brokerages.

The new suite, LxRoadFreight, was designed to enable transportation companies to compete against “big disrupters” in the industry like Uber Freight, said John Golob, president of Lanetix.

To date, CRM systems have been cost-prohibitive for many transportation companies due to the integration and customization work for implementation. The technology often required engaging high-tech consulting firms like Accenture, he said.

Lanetix developed a CRM software three years ago for large transportation firms. DHL and a top-10 3pl are among its largest customers, he said. LxRoadFreight followed to address CRM needs for companies with as few as five employees.

LxRoadFreight has carrier management tools for freight brokerages that include early credit checks and processes for onboarding and account maintenance. The CRM functionality of the software also includes shipper accounts, trucks, drivers, dispatchers, O-D pairs, RFP’s, SLAs, best-in-class operational processes for a shippers’ first 90 days, damage awareness workflows, exception management, driver retention and carrier on-boarding, QBRs and off-boarding.

According to the press announcement, trucking carriers can use the software to increase utilization, prioritize and win the most profitable RFP’s, retain drivers and hold shippers accountable to committed volumes. It has a data model for managing both spot quotes and contract rates.


Users can also track and forecast volume, revenue and profitability with data analytics and out-of-the-box reports.

LxRoadFreight is available for a monthly subscription with an annual commitment. The monthly pricing is $75 per user.

A mobile app is included for drivers to log incidents in the truck and on the dock to reduce exceptions and accelerate the claims process. Other functions in the mobile app are used by sales personnel.

Lanetix integrates with its customers’ transportation management software (TMS) systems. It announced its first partnership with 3Gtms.

“We are delighted to welcome Lanetix into our partner program,” said Chuck Fuerst, vice president of marketing for 3Gtms. “Our partnership with Lanetix will bring the best of cloud-based innovation together to streamline front-office processes with operational back-office visibility and automation.”

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