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HOUSTON — Trimble introduced a host of product updates and new features for its fleet management software and technology, ranging from enhanced calculations for estimated arrival times and expanded capabilities for final-mile distribution.

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The company made the announcements here at its In.sight User Conference and Expo, held Sept. 9-12.

Trimble has added a feature for its TruETA application to incorporate driver intent into estimated time of arrival calculations.

The Driver Trip Planning module, an add-on to TruETA for TMW Suite, enables dispatchers to view how drivers are planning their trips, including where they plan to stop and for how long.

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Trimble SmartDelivery. (Trimble)

The tool, which runs as a module within the TMWGo mobile app, also recommends stopping locations based on the driver’s remaining drive time under hours-of-service limits.

“Every system prior to this was limited to predicting ETAs based solely off driving conditions with no input from the driver. Now, we are able to give precise ETAs with the added information of how drivers plan their trip, including how they plan around hours-of-service regulations,” said Ray West, senior vice president and general manager of TMS solutions at Trimble Transportation Enterprise.

Trimble also debuted an integrated technology package designed to streamline final-mile distribution.

Trimble SmartDelivery combines electronic proof of delivery with daily route planning and tracking, electronic logging device compliance, and mobile technology to improve driver workflow, optimize deliveries and reduce costs.

“The complexities of the final phase of the delivery process make it a significant contributor to total distribution costs,” said Brian Larwig, general manager of Final Mile. “Using Trimble SmartDelivery, our customers can optimize this last leg of the journey as well as increase efficiencies and visibility throughout the entire delivery process.”

SmartDelivery is available on select Trimble-certified Android mobile devices.

Trimble VideoIntelligence

Trimble Video Intelligence HD Camera. (Trimble)

The technology supplier announced a variety of other product developments as well:

• Trimble made two enhancements to its Video Intelligence program.

 The company introduced a feature dubbed Intelliview, which helps filter on-road events by categorizing them as primary or secondary risks to help fleets prioritize recordings that require immediate attention. The feature uses computer vision and machine learning to evaluate events.

Trimble Video Intelligence

Trimble Video Intelligence HD DVR. (Trimble)

Trimble also announced a new onboard camera and digital video recorder that captures high-definition video.

• Trimble launched two imaging products to improve invoicing for trucking companies.

TMW Mobile Imaging, designed to prevent disruptions to freight settlement, matches captured images to the correct load based on data in the fleet’s transportation management system.

TMW Suite Cloud Imaging is designed to improve document retrieval, indexing and rendition invoice printing. The system enables drivers to upload images to the cloud via mobile app.

• Trimble also introduced LTL Operations, a new software module for TMW Suite. The new product enables fleets with both truckload and LTL operations to manage all of their processes in the same dashboard.

• Trimble said its CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation app for Android now can be updated over the air via Wi-Fi. Fleets using the app can now distribute map updates to all of their drivers, eliminating the need to manually update the data one device at a time.

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