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Konexial last month announced the release of the My20 Tower system, a fleet management system based on the company’s My20 electronic logging device. The platform, in addition to providing a compliant ELD product, adds functionality around driver coaching and mobile document transfers, as well as access to Konexial’s freight-matching platform.

It also allows the company to use ELD and hours of service data to perform dynamic load-matching by receiving real-time data on all of a fleet’s trucks and drivers, the company says.

The My20 Tower calculates a driver’s dynamic capacity based on the hours of service, location and truckload availability — data automatically logged by the My20 ELD — and matches the fleet’s trucks with available loads.

“Before this latest release, we spoke to the thousands of drivers in our network to make sure we were making improvements that they cared about,” said Ken Evans, CEO and founder of Konexial. “We found that more actionable analysis of both ELD and safety data continued to be important, but also some cosmetic features like dark mode and dynamic capacity bubbles were near the top of the list as well.”

My20 Tower’s Vehicle Safety Dashboard provides analysis of driving issues, including hard braking, cornering too hard and accelerating too fast. It uses that data to create feedback and driver coaching opportunities to correct bad driving habits.

Mobile document dispatch allows fleets and drivers to send transmit documents like scale tickets, accident reports and bills of lading for quick reference and communication.

The system’s dynamic capacity bubbles show a visual representation of truck location, current hours-of-service and truckload availability of every driver in a fleet on a mapping screen. Also available in the system is up-to-the-minute per-mile rates for quick reference, says Konexial.

Lastly, the system’s dark mode capability allows better readability of My20 Tower.

Original Source: https://www.ccjdigital.com/eld-supplier-and-freight-matcher-konexial-releases-my20-tower-fleet-management-system/

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