Where’s My Technology? How the Digital Brokerage Evolution Is Upending Traditional Technology Expectations, Strategies, Choices and Approaches – FreightWaves – Fergus Caldicott

Truckload freight capacity is the most highly fragmented, difficult-to-manage market segment in the transportation industry. Some 80 percent of available over-the-road truckload capacity is provided by hundreds of thousands of single-truck owner-operators and micro-carriers with 9 trucks or less. Because of this fragmentation, it’s also a market that has defied a single, over-arching technology solution.

It’s a market ripe for a variety of new technologies—particularly mobile smartphone-based tools and platforms—that can help freight brokers drive new productivity and grow more reliable, consistent capacity networks of trusted micro-carriers.

The stakes are high. Markets embroiled in technology change have a common imperative: adapt or die. For freight brokers, technology decisions and launching new, enabling applications must happen far faster and with more transparency than before. The old method of taking on a big, multi-functional software platform, waiting months for it to be configured and brought online, waiting for everything to be perfect, and then not using half of what you bought is a recipe for obsolesce…and failure.

What’s the path to success? What’s a viable technology strategy in today’s market? How does a broker find and select new technology tools, implement them, and continually improve them as the business evolves? Why does this require a different approach to traditional technology planning and decision-making?

To answer these questions, FreightWaves is partnering with Trucker Tools to host an hour-long webinar, which will feature insights from Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, which operates one of the industry’s fastest-growing, broker-focused platforms for shipment and capacity visibility, predictive freight matching, and carrier relationship management. We will also hear from Tom Curee, Vice President of Strategic Development at Kingsgate Logistics.

This webinar will cover:

· How and why has the way brokers evaluate and buy freight-management technology changed?

· What should brokers be asking their technology providers?

· How do you establish a “fast-track” mentality and align with the right technology partner to roll out new tech quickly?

· Why setting 6-month and one-year time horizons for new technology buildouts and rollouts is important

· How do you avoid “scope creep,” avoid distraction, and prevent inertia from derailing your technology strategy and delaying change?

· Why is “being perfect” a hindrance to success?

· What are best practices and lessons learned in successfully managing your technology evolution, creating new value, and staying ahead of a changing market?

Original Source: https://www.freightwaves.com/webinar-schedule/2019/4/25/wheres-my-technology-how-the-digital-brokerage-evolution-is-upending-traditional-technology-expectations-strategies-choices-and-approaches

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