Coyote Logistics rolls out new offering focused on digital freight platform enhancements – By Jeff Berman, Logistics Management – Group News Editor

Chicago-based transportation management services provider Coyote Logistics, a subsidiary of freight transportation and logistics services bellwether UPS, this week introduced a new program and digital freight platform upgrades to better meet the needs and challenges shippers and carriers are facing.

Entitled the Carrier of Choice Program, Coyote officials said that it rewards high-performing carriers with exclusive access to benefits such as instant booking through and the CoyoteGO mobile app. And it added that carriers that slot into the Pack Carrier, Elite Carrier, or Carrier of Choice tiers, which are based on meeting or exceeding service performance parameters, can receive quicker payment in two days, coupled with easier access to bids and tendering.   

“While shippers’ service expectations are constantly evolving, Coyote’s commitment to delivering a superior experience to customers remains unchanged,” said Jonathan Sisler, CEO of Coyote, in a statement. “Our goal is to set shippers and carriers up for success in any market – whether it be deflationary, like today, or inflationary, as the Coyote Curve predicts it will be next year. By leveraging insights drawn from customer feedback when building our new service-based programs and digital freight features and grounding them in a commitment to exceptional service, we are able to accomplish this goal. With the health of the freight market contingent on mutually beneficial relationships between shippers and carriers, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for their unique needs and challenges. Coyote considers these enhancements a true win-win that supports both parties.”

Coyote cited shipper benefits stemming from the Carrier of Choice Program, including:

  • increased levels of service and greater visibility across Coyote’s network of 70,000 carriers; and
  • leveraging new digital freight platform features to augment supply chain operations, such as My Facilities, which hosts more than 10,000 facility reviews crowdsourced by drivers, and seamless API integrations for real-time spot quoting and tracking

In an interview, Coyote’s Sisler said that there were various drivers for introducing the Carrier of Choice Program.   

“We know that the freight market thrives when conditions are mutually beneficial for shippers and carriers,” he said. “As consumer expectations continue to shift and evolve, they need an experienced provider. Coyote has been matching shippers and carriers since 2012 through our digital freight platform, and we are committed to constantly delivering innovative solutions based on user feedback. In doing so, we’re giving our customers the tools they need to get the highest service levels for their supply chain, while encouraging and rewarding high-performing carriers.”

What’s more, Sisler said that Coyote wants to make it easier for carriers to meet or exceed customer service standards and deliver the experience shippers are expecting.

“Our new service-driven enhancements allow top performing carriers to book loads quickly and efficiently by choosing the right loads for their fleets in real-time via desktop and mobile devices,” he said. “Additionally, they’ll benefit from faster payments and easier access to bids and tendering. We feel these benefits will encourage carriers in our network to focus on providing the best possible experience for shippers, while also adding efficiencies to their own businesses. This will help drive service levels across the entire supply chain. Coyote considers this model a true win-win for both shippers and carriers, who will both benefit from elevated network service.”

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