Creating A Fleet Management App For Hyper Local Delivery and Logistics

The incorporation of GPS and mapping technologies have broken the barrier of location in offering services. However, it has not effectively addressed the issue of time. You can always avail a service that is available in one end of the city even if you stay in the other; however, you will have to wait for a long time before the service person arrives at your place.
To address this gap, the concept of hyper-local was born. What if you could obtain service in a matter of minutes? What if the service provider was less than a couple of kilometers from your home?
Hyperlocal services have found relevance in transportation, domestic and household services and even in the beauty industry. The biggest focus, however, is on transportation, delivery, and logistics because it not only functions as a standalone industry but also helps in facilitating services from Other industries to the end customer.
For example, let’s take a local restaurant that is a couple of streets away from your home and your home is present in a large living community. The restaurant could make use of hyperlocal delivery services to quickly facilitate food delivery from their kitchen to your home.
Why Would Businesses Need Them!?
We have already seen a case of why businesses would need hyperlocal delivery and logistics. However, beyond that, it also helps a balanced growth of the economy. It was the focus on one particular place and gives chances for a lot of local players to rise up and create their own fleet management app.
In short, it is a reflection of what the business enthusiasts call as the ‘glocal’ economy – a portmanteau of ‘global’ and ‘local’. It helps businesses serve a small market in a focused function. It makes use of Technology but at the same time, does not compromise on the classical factors of marketing and business…like trust and relationships.
What Would Make Them Better?
While on the surface, there might seem like there is nothing more to do than the mere utility, there are a few things that might increase The Appeal of your hyperlocal logistics business.
– Ease In Registration
Both the service users and the service provider should be able to register with your service without much difficulty. You can consider providing Google or Facebook based login for the users. For the service providers, you will need to go an extra mile in verifying that identity and credibility.
You can choose to check their documents online or have specific spots in places where they can have their identity verified. The greater the ease of access, the greater the possibility of success for your business.
– Live-Tracking of Orders
One of the offshoots of shorter distance in delivery is the magnitude of uncertainties. The time at which your order might be picked up is unsure. However, there is a very good possibility that an order would be delivered within the next 30 minutes of pickup point
It is for this purpose that the app will need to have live tracking in place. It will show the possible time of pickup and delivery. This will help users plan their day accordingly. In addition to that, that can also be facilities that will assign special pickups for goods that need special care. A simple example would be ice cream. You surely would not like to have your ice cream melted when it is being delivered right?
– Robust & Live Support System
Support is one of the most essential aspects that will determine the success of your business and your app. Any dispute that is faced by the customer needs to be quickly and effectively addressed.
Your business can opt for multiple support systems through chat, email, and telephone. The support inquiries will also help you make your services efficient and address recurring problems.
– Communication With Delivery Executive
The delivery executives are responsible for taking your package from the shop or any pickup point and delivering it to your place. There are certain factors that might stand as assembling clothes for the delivery to be effected smoothly.
There are chances that you stay in a gated community and the delivery executive will have to pass through a series of cheques. you might also want your delivery package left with your neighbor, so you can collect it later.
For all these factors, staying in communication with your delivery executive is important. The communication can be affected by either telephone or by a chat engine that resides within your application. This will help the delivery to happen smoothly, and it also passively increases the appeal of your delivery business.
– Review & Rating Of The Service
There has to be a way to gauge the quality of services that you provide and the quality of the products that your clients provide. A review and rating system will help you measure how good your delivery executives are and how good are your partners when it comes to delivering quality products.
These reviews and rating systems will help you find the right delivery executive and partners. as an extension, you can also consider suspending executives and partners who exhibit malicious behavior and have had a continuous record of bad deliveries.
– Multiple Payment Systems
One of the greatest advantages of Technology is that you do not have to pay by cash. The other side is that there are different modes of digital payment. Your app has to accommodate multiple payment methods and should also have a feature to accept payment by cash. The digital payment media include net banking, debit and credit cards, UPI and digital wallets.
Creating A Fleet Management App For Delivery/Logistics
To effectively manage hyperlocal delivery, you will need to have an efficient and robust fleet management application. It will need to take care of all the aspects of fleet management including but not limited to the dispatch of vehicles, communication with the customers, registration of new entrants, support, and reporting.
The Advantages of White Label Solutions
The backbone of fleet management remains the same. Therefore, you can take advantage of the white label Management Solutions like app solutions that help you launch your service quickly and efficiently.
To Conclude
Fleet management solutions like Uber clone apps are built in compliance with the best practices of development. You can get in touch with an app development team to communicate your requirements and develop an app that meets all your needs. Instead of going for a scratch app development, if you consider the app solutions, it will take less time to develop, customize and deliver your app in the best possible time, so you can launch your app and business at the earliest.
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