Konexial provides drivers free month of medical advice

Konexial, which provides fleet management and telematics solutions, has made its GoMedRx telemedicine service free for 30 days when truckers obtain a subscription in the next six months.
As fear of contracting and spreading COVID-19 grips the nation and hospitals are preparing to be overwhelmed by severe cases, there has never a more critical time to remotely obtain professional medical advice through telemedicine. This is especially true for the truck drivers that America is relying on to keep the supply chain intact as everything else shuts down to quell the pandemic.
To further that cause, Konexial, which provides fleet management and telematics solutions, has made its GoMedRx telemedicine service free for 30 days when truck drivers obtain a subscription in the next six months. Developed in conjunction with  Everywhere Care for MY20 telematics customers, GoMedRX is available to all drivers, independent of their ELD provider.
“We know how hard—and often impossible—it can be for truck drivers to stop and get the care and/or advice for medical issues both large and small,” said Konexial CEO Ken Evans. “With the COVID-19 pandemic (a.k.a. Coronavirus) at the top of everyone’s mind for the foreseeable future, GoMedRx will help drivers determine their symptoms quickly, and get the care they need not only for themselves but for their families.”
Once signed up, drivers can immediately start using GoMedRx with the average wait time to connect to a medical professional at 23 minutes. The solution does not require health insurance and fleets and owner-operators would not pay anything for the service beyond the subscription.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns that stress can more strongly affect health care providers and first responders, and it stands to reason truckers may also be more impacted, as their already stressful job has become more so in the wake of consumer hoarding and a nationwide self-quarantine. The Konexial tool can provide assistance in that area as well.
“GoMedRx also covers mental health services and counseling,”Evans said. “With isolation and depression being real issues in the trucking industry, GoMedRx makes it easy to talk to a counselor when needed, wherever they might be.”
For up-to-date information on the COVID-19 outbreak and how to mitigate risks and identify symptoms, visit CDC.gov.
Original Source: https://www.trucker.com/drivers/article/21126349/konexial-provides-drivers-free-month-of-medical-advice

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