The perishable freight industry is a fast evolving industry

Article by Melanie Groenewoud
As fruits and vegetables are exported to more and more destinations all over the world, the cold supply chain is becoming increasingly important. Melvin Xavier, from Cold Chain Connect, is a specialist in the global perishable freight industry. In the last couple of years he has noticed several major trends that are quickly developing in the industry.

As he explains: “Globally the demand for healthier and fresher fruits is increasing and therefore the cold chain is becoming more global than ever. Especially now that there is a growing middle class in China and India, the demand for fresh products and higher quality products is increasing, which also puts pressure on the supply chain. So, not only is demand  growing, which influences the supply chain, there is also much more focus on the quality, integrity and health of these products.”

“The extra focus on the quality of these products is also apparent in the regulations  governments are imposing. In the last decade, governments have tightened regulations and supply chain companies nowadays are also investing more in certificates which demonstrate their commitment to storing and transporting the products safely. Many freight forwarders are now investing heavily in research and development to improve their technology, safety and efficiency. Furthermore, manufacturers are also outsourcing more processes to 3PL and logistics operators to improve their operations.”

The perishable freight industry is therefore a fast evolving industry, however, there is no common platform where all freight forwarders can connect. That is why Melvin Xavier started his business in 2018. “I have been involved in my family freight business for the last 15 years in Dubai. During that period, I always found it difficult to locate the right partners globally to handle my perishable freight. Although, there were a lot of general freight networks going around (where I could find numerous partners globally), there wasn’t one that would help me find a perishable specialist to match our strength. That is why I got together with my partners Christian Raueber and Nils Walle (who are pioneers in the freight networking space) and decided to create a specialist network focused on bridging the gap in the perishable freight industry. We launched Cold Chain Connect (CCC) with the objective of bringing the best-in-class perishable forwarders under one roof to provide them with the opportunity to network in a secure environment.”

Last year they organised their first conference in Macau with over 50 perishable freight forwarders attending. This year, they have planned the second conference from the 26th to 29th of September in Bangkok. “This year we have a bigger agenda scheduled for our members. The conference will feature our trusted face-to-face meetings, interactive workshops, guest speakers, cocktail receptions and a Chao Phraya Dinner cruise. I am certain that our members will have unlimited opportunities to establish meaningful connections with fellow perishable freight members.”

“We see ourselves as being leaders in the food logistics space and, together with our members, we are creating a brand that could be the industry standard for temperature-controlled movement of food. We would also like to play a role in reducing global food waste. Our network ensures that there’s quality throughout the supply chain as we work with reliable, and specialist partners.”
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