DAT Adds ‘Book Now’ Automated Booking to Load Board Network

DAT Adds ‘Book Now’ Automated Booking to Load Board Network
PORTLAND, Ore., April 2, 2020—DAT Solutions, which operates the largest marketplace for truckload freight, announced that an automated “Book Now” option is now available on select loads in the DAT Load Board network.
Book Now streamlines the tendering process, allowing carriers to search for loads and lock in a rate with the click of a button on their mobile or desktop device.
In its initial release, the automated booking feature will be available on loads posted by brokers that are participating in DAT’s early access program for Book Now, including Knight-Swift Logistics; Kingsgate Logistics; Circle Logistics; Trinity Logistics; Cavalry Logistics; and Choptank Transport.
Beginning in May, all brokers will be able to add the Book Now option to their posted loads.
“One of the problems that has plagued any attempt to automate the time-consuming freight tendering process has been scaling the solution to work for every company,” explained Sarita Benjamin, director of products at DAT. “That’s the focus of Book Now—to offer automated booking that fits our customers’ needs without sacrificing the business relationships they rely on.”
For brokers and shippers, that means a more flexible solution that today integrates with both custom and third-party transportation management software. Future releases will work with or without a TMS.
Book Now gives freight greater visibility on the load board. Carriers will be able to search the load board specifically for freight that has the Book Now option, drastically reducing the time it takes to find loads and negotiate rates.
“Our clients do business with us because we’re committed to providing better, smarter, and less complicated ways to ship their goods,” said Jeff Beckham, CEO and Owning Partner at Kingsgate. “We’re looking for technology that can help us streamline pricing while anticipating long- and short-term changes in the transportation marketplace. We’re excited to put these new tools to use.”
The Book Now tool is just the first step in DAT’s efforts to replace time-consuming tasks with intelligent automation. In later releases, the platform will create personalized recommendations of loads and trucks based on the user’s preferences.
“We’re constantly improving our technology to make it easier to do business in transportation,” said Claude Pumilia, DAT Solutions CEO and President. “Our goal is to create greater clarity for our customers across the entire freight journey.”
About DAT Solutions
DAT Solutions operates the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America. Transportation brokers, motor carriers, news organizations, and industry analysts rely on DAT for market trends and data insights based on 183 million freight matches and a database of $68 billion in annual market transactions. As the industry standard in truckload pricing, DAT’s freight rate database also provides the index prices for freight futures contracts.
Founded in 1978, DAT Solutions LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies (NYSE:ROP), a diversified technology company and constituent of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and Russell 1000 indices. www.dat.com

Original Source: https://www.dcvelocity.com/articles/45633-dat-adds-book-now-automated-booking-to-load-board-network

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