Transflo’s next gen of document scanning

Developed for trucking and logistics, the next-gen suite of electronic proof of delivery aims to increase efficiencies, enhances workflows, and improves safety and compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Transflo is expanding on its Electronic Bill of Lading (EBOL) and Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) offerings, launching the next generation of document digitization and data exchanging for the supply chain.
Designed with the help of the Transflo Mobile Advisory Board and some major shippers in the market, these new solutions offer multiple ways for shippers and receivers to provide necessary documents to drivers, including allowing documents to be uploaded electronically and enabling document scanning for shippers through the Transflo Mobile+ app.
Additionally, users can take pictures of loads and utilize time-stamping and geocoding technology.
“We are thrilled to offer multiple solutions in order to accommodate freight industry needs,” said Zach Vickman, Transflo’s vice president of sales. “Because of the large footprint Transflo already has in the digital space, we are honored to use our platform to continuously offer new and safer solutions for shippers, carriers, and drivers alike.”
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Drivers will have access to forms that allow them to engage shipper workers and receive e-signatures from receivers. The tools will provide all parties with instructions on how to electronically send and create an e-signature on a document.
Users who select to send documents via uploading to a web page can do so with the following document formats: PDF, TIF, JPEG, and PNG. The documents will be indexed and associated with the shipper, receiver, carrier, and driver within the Transflo document cloud. This allows all parties access to the documents.
Users selecting to scan, e-sign, and send documents via the Transflo Mobile+ app can do so with Transflo’s scanning technologies. Users can organize paperwork digitally at any point of the load lifecycle to increase efficiencies, enhance workflows, and improve safety and compliance amid COVID-19.
Once documents have been submitted by a shipper, Transflo’s server matches them with the driver who initiated the activity. If there is a load associated with the event on the driver’s app it will be matched with those documents.
“We are dedicated to doing everything we can to help the freight industry during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Transflo CEO and President Frank Adelman. “And a major part of showing our appreciation to our customers is offering them more digital options to give them safer and more efficient processes they can use during these challenging times and after.”
The Transflo Mobile+ suite integrates electronic document scanning, truck navigation, weigh station bypass technology, and other features such as image optimization and digital workflow management tools. It also incorporates telematics and the Transflo T-Series ELD, which is connected to both the vehicle and Transflo Mobile+ on driver’s mobile devices.
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