Community Load Match tool aims to help carriers fill capacity

The platform marks first step towards connecting the transportation supply chain and simplifying the finding and filling truckload capacity process.
Trimble and Kuebix, a Trimble Company and part of the Transportation Sector, have launched new capabilities for its Community Load Match platform, a solution that facilitates collaboration between shippers and carriers to optimize how freight moves throughout the supply chain.
To celebrate this first step, shippers can begin leveraging Community Load Match with 60 free days of Kuebix Business Pro TMS, while carriers can begin filling their open capacity and finding new customers by becoming a Kuebix Community Carrier.
Since Kuebix was acquired in January 2020, Community Load Match can now enable shippers to use advanced matching capabilities to more easily find available carriers for their truckload shipments and leverage improved map visualization through Trimble MAPS. These capabilities give carriers direct access to Kuebix’s community of more than 20,000 shippers for matching shipment requirements with available truckload capacity.
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“Just four months post-acquisition, a joint Trimble-Kuebix team is releasing the next-generation capabilities of Community Load Match, powered by our community of shippers and a rapidly growing network of Trimble carriers,” said Dan Clark, Kuebix founder and Trimble vice president of Product Innovation and Strategy. “This is an exciting first step as we pursue our vision of a truly connected supply chain.”
Kuebix integrates with Trimble’s Innovative, TMW.Suite and TruckMate carrier transportation management systems (TMS), allowing shipment data to flow between systems. Kuebix’s shipping community is composed almost entirely of direct shippers and manufacturers, resulting in a source of freight for carriers. Kuebix also offers shippers complimentary rate assessments leveraging community carriers to optimize logistics operations and source new capacity.
Community Load Match provides the ability to designate preferred lanes, ensuring that carriers are only connected with shipping customers with requirements in lanes they are looking to fill. It also connects shippers with a rapidly growing carrier community from Trimble’s network of 1.3 million commercial trucks, digital freight matching services and brokers to meet truckload needs on one platform, allowing shippers to easily request and receive rates from the carrier community, including their contracted carriers.
“Trimble’s acquisition of Kuebix is part of our strategy to enable a collaborative, fully-connected supply chain,” said James Langley, senior vice president of Trimble Transportation. “The evolution of the Community Load Match platform represents a tangible step toward achieving this mission, making it easier for shippers and carriers to work together to identify capacity and more efficiently move freight.”
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