Vector Teams With McLeod Software To Speed Up Transportation Billing

Vector’s mobile application can now be put into place alongside McLeod’s DocumentPower and LoadMaster to simplify document collections and speed up billing as well as maintenance operations, per the announcement.
Robert Brothers, vice president of Product Development for McLeod Software, said in the announcement, “We are excited to continue to partner with the industry’s leading solution providers. Our goal is to facilitate the flow of data to and from our software to compatible market solutions our customers want. Vector has brought to market a compelling image capture solution that can add value to our mutual customers.”
Documents that Vector’s mobile workflow receive automatically check and index into DocumentPower. Related order information from LoadMaster can also be brought into Vector to take away manual work for the back office as well as the driver while bolstering the experience of those on the road. The technological connection is designed to support a more in-depth link between the back office and drivers.
Brian Belcher, chief operating officer for Vector, said in the announcement that the company has “enjoyed seeing our mutual customers leverage our integrations in new ways to achieve the most unique workflow challenges.”
In separate news from January, Vector is growing its Delivery-to-Cash offering with the debut of automated invoicing and accounts receivable (AR) capabilities. The fleet management platform said it will roll out automated billing in its portal that brings together mobile, cloud and on-premise treasury management software to allow for the invoicing process immediately when merchandise is delivered.
Rendition billing is said to take away manual data entry and automate data capture for fleet drivers on the road, including weight, trip pay and other metrics, from mobile technologies used by the drivers.

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