dexFreight collaborates with TruckPark to celebrate ‘driver heroes,’ provide safe parking solutions

dexFreight and TruckPark
In addition to expanding truck drivers’ access to safe, secure parking, dexFreight and TruckPark are planning to launch a monthly podcast that features professional drivers. (Courtesy: dexFreight and TruckPark)
Helping professional drivers safely and efficiently transport freight throughout the nation is the goal of both dexFreight and TruckPark. To that end, the two companies have announced a collaboration to keep truck drivers informed as well as to make it easier to finding secure parking.
dexFreight, a Florida-based blockchain-based logistics platform, and Chicago-based TruckPark, a fast-growing truck-parking service, are working together to produce a new, informative, driver-focused podcast.
Anthony Petitte, CEO and co-founder of TruckPark, told The Trucker that the new monthly podcast, “Driver Heroes,” has a goal of not only keeping drivers informed, but also to celebrate these essential front-line workers.
“It will involve truck drivers directly, and we will be discussing technology, parking, current transportation topics and more,” he said, adding that the podcast will feature professional truck drivers sharing insights that can help other drivers.
In addition, carriers and drivers who use dexFreight’s decentralized logistics platform can leverage the convenience of the TruckPark locator system to find safe, secure overnight parking.
“In collaboration with TruckPark, we are adding parking services into our blockchain-based logistics platform to bring truck route optimization to carriers,” said Jim Handoush, president and CEO of dexFreight. “This partnership is great for everyone in the logistic supply-chain, including carriers and now parking lot owners, too.”
During the first phase of integration, truck drivers can reserve TruckPark’s secured parking spots using dexFreight’s mobile app. In the second phase, dexFreight will utilize the parking availability as an additional optimization parameter in its machine-learning-based trip planning and load selection algorithms for carriers.
“Truck drivers are heroes, keeping the economy running and delivering essential supplies during the continuing COVID pandemic,” Petitte said.
“We are working to help address one of their major pain points. Nearly 90% of truck drivers frequently experience problems finding safe parking at night,” he continued. “As drivers increasingly turn to reservations systems, we’re working to open up tens of thousands of additional spaces at truck stops and independent parking facilities. Partnering with dexFreight adds value for users of our service and will help drive our continued success in solving this problem for drivers.”

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