Upcoming virtual events will host trucking and logistics professionals

Article written by Corrie White

McLeod Software hosts IT Security Summit and Transportation Accounting & Finance Conference in July

The second annual McLeod Information Technology Security Summit will take place July 22-23, and the fourth annual Transportation Accounting & Finance Conference will run July 28-30. Both conferences are open to all transportation professionals, whether or not they are current customers of McLeod Software.
During the two-day IT Security Summit, attendees can expect to gain a renewed awareness of cybersecurity technology’s importance, as well as best practices for creating a security plan for their company.
“With COVID-19, we’ve seen a surge in cyberattacks in the transportation sector, both customers and noncustomers,” said Ben Barnes, vice president of IT services at McLeod Software. “Between ransomware and phishing email malware attacks, we’ve also seen business email compromise attacks go way up. It seems to be pretty global in our sector.”
Barnes is excited about the opening address by Barry Page, deputy director of the National Computer Forensics Institute. Since Page helps train state and federal law enforcement in cybersecurity throughout the country, he has a comprehensive vantage point of the current activity nationwide. Other presenters like Mimecast, Arctic Wolf and Duo will cover topics around prevention, recovery, insurance, aftermath and justifying the return on investment (ROI).
“Heightened and renewed awareness is key. We don’t want IT staff or operations to become lackadaisical or complacent. It’s really about awareness — how do we prevent an attack? If it happens, what do we do? What is our stance on recovery? What does the aftermath look like? We’re all vulnerable. If it’s affecting any technology in the transportation sector, it’s affecting all of us in the transportation technology sector. By getting the word out there and helping to prevent cyberattacks, we’re doing what’s right for the industry.”
For the Transportation Accounting & Finance Conference starting on July 28, financial management teams within trucking, third-party logistics and brokerage companies will have access to a wide range of content, ranging from classic topics such as mergers and acquisitions and nuclear verdicts to more COVID-19-related issues like PPP loan forgiveness. McLeod Software has partnered with Katz, Sapper & Miller to host this event.
“We’re excited to have Bob Costello from the American Trucking Association [ATA] present an economic update for the trucking industry,” said Jason Miller, partner at Katz, Sapper, & Miller. “Most if not all of the sessions are relevant to what’s going on in the world right now. The event is going to be interactive and the presenters invite participation from the attendees. Instead of having a full-day, in-person conference, this is stretched out over three days with the idea in mind that folks can block out time over three days. It provides a bit more flexibility.”
Attendees of the Transportation Accounting & Finance Conference can earn 9.5 hours of CPE credits for participating in the full event. While the conference is open to any financial professional in the transportation industry, for McLeod Software customers, there will be financial systems and IQ business intelligence training courses.
For more information on the Technology Security Summit, click here. Click here for more information on the Transportation Accounting & Finance conference.
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