Loadsure Empowers Digital Freight Forwarders and Global Supply Chain Networks to Protect Internation

Loadsure today announced that it has accelerated the evolution of its highly-flexible all-risk insurance platform; it’s now bringing the simplicity of automated or one-click cargo insurance to the international stage. Digital freight forwarders and global supply chain networks will now be empowered to protect loads with Loadsure’s fully-digital, pay-as-you-go, all-risk insurance solution—all within their typical workflows—while also supporting cost savings.
“Global supply chain networks and freight forwarders are rapidly digitizing to carve out greater efficiencies and mitigate disruptions,” says Loadsure CEO, Johnny McCord. “And, Loadsure is perfectly positioned to help them realize these outcomes. Unlike traditional insurance brokers, our platform can rapidly respond to sudden shifts in market conditions—easily avoiding costly exclusions in the face of coronavirus, for example—to keep critical supplies flowing. Our fully-automated solution also means freight forwarders, supply chain networks, and their customers can protect freight on the fly and get back to doing what they do best.”
Leveraging AI and predictive analytics, Loadsure enables digital freight forwarders and supply chain networks to streamline their existing insurance models, deliver clients added value, and strengthen their bottom lines:
Delivering instant access to per-load, wrap-around, A-rated, all-risk coverage in one click
Providing dynamic, data-driven pricing that helps cut insurance costs—up to 80%
Accelerating and simplifying claims handling through automation—settling claims in just minutes
Transship is the first digital freight forwarder to announce its partnership with Loadsure; the company will soon make per-load coverage of international shipments available to its users through the Loadsure API.
“Cargo insurance is critical when shipping internationally,” says Transship CEO, Amit Hasak. “Loadsure’s automated, all-risk insurance perfectly complements our automated freight forwarding platform, and it has made the process of issuing and distributing that insurance to customers accessible and affordable. Their solution is a revolutionary one for the freight forwarding industry and international shipping as a whole.”
Original Source: https://www.dcvelocity.com/articles/46659-loadsure-empowers-digital-freight-forwarders-and-global-supply-chain-networks-to-protect-internation

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