PowerFleet high on deploying solutions in Day & Ross trailer fleet

Article written by Khyathi Dalal

  • A significant portion of the Day & Ross, freight and delivery solutions provider, trailer fleet will be outfitted by PowerFleet’s (PWFL -2.2%+9.4% PM, LV-500 solar tracking solution and the PowerFleet LV-710 freight camera.
  • For efficient and effective equipment utilization, Day & Ross will deploy PowerFleet’s product across 3K trailers thereby optimizing shipping lanes management and cost effective operations.
  • “Combined with our rugged devices built to perform in the most challenging of environmental conditions, our solutions offer intelligent fleet visibility bolstered by our high definition camera and sensor suite to monitor assets and cargo in Day & Ross’ cross-border operations,” Chief Product Officer Elizabeth Elkins commented.

Original Source: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3598909-powerfleet-high-on-deploying-solutions-in-day-ross-trailer-fleet

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