Kleinschmidt Delivers Business Connectivity to Convoy's Nationwide Digital Freight Network

DEERFIELD, Ill.Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kleinschmidt Inc., a leading provider of EDI and supply chain integration solutions, today announced a technology partnership with Convoy, the most efficient digital freight network which uses machine learning and automation to connect shippers and carriers to move millions of truckloads. This partnership provides Convoy with EDI connectivity solutions to more deftly satisfy the complex electronic document requirements of the digital freight process, such as shipper tenders, offer acceptance and invoicing. Through this business connection to shippers and shipping partners, Convoy is able to further refine and expedite sending, receiving, and interpreting documents and data to help carriers find a wider variety of loads.
Utilizing a single point-to-point connection to Kleinschmidt, shippers can seamlessly utilize Convoy’s digital freight network to expand capacity, book trucks and track shipments with full support for maintaining the efficiency and standards of their existing EDI and document workflows. Carriers who utilize Convoy to find and haul loads can, in turn, take advantage of opportunities to identify, bid on, and win loads from an expanded array of shippers taking advantage of Convoy’s digital freight network.
“Our mission has been to help companies bridge gaps in data within the freight transportation industry,” said Kleinschmidt CEO Dan Heinen. “When Convoy approached us to help them fully integrate the traditional EDI document workflow into their transportation ecosystem and application, we jumped at the chance to leverage our expertise in making Convoy’s digital freight process seamless and frictionless for shippers and carriers without interrupting the way they’re currently doing business.”
As the EDI and data integration backbone for a wide array of leading shippers, truckload and LTL carriers, Kleinschmidt has provided one of the world’s most robust business networks for freight, logistics and retail EDI connectivity and integration for over 30 years.
About Kleinschmidt
Kleinschmidt builds and supports custom electronic data interchange, B2B messaging and API integration solutions that power digital commerce for top brands and enable firms of all sizes to exchange crucial business data with any trading partner imaginable. Kleinschmidt’s complex any-to-any integration capabilities span all formats, business systems and industries, with full support for legacy and emerging technologies.
Learn more at www.Kleinschmidt.com
About Convoy
Convoy is the nation’s most efficient digital freight network solving problems in the $800B trucking industry. We partner with the best trucking companies and shippers to move millions of truckloads, rethink freight fundamentals, and design innovative solutions that address supply chain inefficiencies. By continuing to raise the bar on tools, services, and insights available for shippers and carriers, we help businesses improve their transportation and create a more sustainable future. For more information visit: www.Convoy.com
Original Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kleinschmidt-delivers-business-connectivity-to-convoys-nationwide-digital-freight-network-301106531.html

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