Trucker Tools adds TVC Pro-Driver

New service for independent truckers provides access to trucker-focused legal services, fuel discounts, roadside assistance
Trucker Tools recently formed a new partnership with TVC Pro-Driver that it says will provide access to legal representation and other services for independent truckers directly through the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App.
Oklahoma City-based TVC Pro-Driver provides truckers with comprehensive, subscription-based support services, including legal counsel and representation, fuel, shopping and equipment discounts, roadside assistance and other benefits throughout the United States and Canada. Focused on helping professional drivers and fleets stay on the road and earning, TVC Pro-Driver has been a provider of CDL legal protection for more than 30 years.
Trucker Tools provides real-time shipment visibility, trip planning, freight-matching, digital document management and automated booking tools for freight brokers, independent owner-operators and small-fleet truckload carriers. Its flagship mobile app for truckload drivers is a smartphone-based digital management resource, with 17 of the most sought-after features and functions drivers want for managing their business while on the road.
“Our members want to be on the road, not in a courtroom,” said Jon Russell, TVC Pro-Driver’s chief executive. “Our goal is to help truckers keep rolling, providing lawyers where needed throughout North America to ensure truckers have proper representation and can keep earning their living. We have been providing trucker-focused legal services for 30 years with a 90% success rate defending drivers against violations, removing or reducing fines and points, as well as having citations dismissed.”
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TVC Pro-Driver, a licensed motor club, maintains a network of more than 7,000 attorneys across the US and Canada, and for subscribers, can quickly engage the services of an attorney in the jurisdiction in which a violation occurred, the company said. In addition to legal services, its members take advantage of fuel discounts that allow them to put money in their pockets rather than in their tanks. Beyond the professional coverage for the driver, personal passenger vehicle coverage and other services may also extend to the driver’s spouse at home, making TVC Pro-Driver the professional driver’s preferred membership.
“Truck drivers today want apps that provide them with useful services to operate more efficiently, reduce downtime and help them manage various issues that can impact their livelihood,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive of Trucker Tools. “We are pleased to add TVC Pro-Driver to the portfolio of services and support available to users of the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App.”
Trucker Tools will soon feature a “TVC Pro-Driver” button in its mobile driver app, offering drivers more information about TVC services, how to sign up, how to submit a ticket and more. Whether drivers need an attorney now or just want to learn more about all the benefits of being a member, they will soon be able to connect with TVC Pro-Driver through the Trucker Tools mobile driver app.
The Trucker Tools mobile app has been downloaded by nearly 950,000 independent truckers and is utilized by some 140,000 small fleet operators, the company maintained. The multi-functional, GPS-enabled multi-party mobile app is available for both Android- and Apple-powered smartphones and is provided free of charge to independent truckers and small fleets.
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