During COVID-19, fleets can expand online presence with customers, drivers

DFM Commentary: COVID-19 is driving big advances in digital freight management technology. McLeod Software and Verizon are partnering to create sophisticated and integrated solutions to help everyone involved in freight operations. DFM Data Corp would be a huge asset for this type of innovation.

Link to Source: https://www.ccjdigital.com/covid-19-fleets-expand-online-presence-customers-drivers/

Quotes from Article:

Freight brokers using PowerBroker have a new Carrier Portal to offer their carrier partners access to load offers and current load information. Carriers have secure access to available and delivered loads to provide tracking, trip documents and call-in information.

PowerBroker also has a new API-based Digital Freight Matching service to retrieve qualified carriers and loads, book carriers on loads and make counteroffers through integrated third-party capacity systems. McLeod also has enhanced its electronic data interchange (EDI) modules to interact with applications that use other format types such as XML or JSON to integrate with a wider range of systems, customers and vendor partners.

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