Maximizing Last Mile Deliveries

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One of the areas that DFM Data Corp’s technology hopes to eventually address is the hand-off between trucking firms and last-mile providers. The DFM solution has the intrinsic adaptability and scalability to handle this critical segment, but that won’t be the first target. There are thousands of print and web discussions of last mile issues, but this recent one from Logistics Viewpoints is a good starting point. Consider what it might mean if the shipping and tracking system could collect performance on every parcel to every home, tied back to all of the shippers, trucks, DCs and sorting centers that were involved.

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One of the most difficult and expensive aspects of the supply chain is last mile and home delivery. However, from a customer experience standpoint, it is also the most memorable and possibly important.
Dynamic Delivery Appointment Scheduling generates dynamic appointment options during the sale. Retailers can use DDAS to sell premium delivery timeframes, which generally cost more. This gives the customer more control over the delivery process and allows them to choose whether they want to pay a premium for home delivery in the timeframe they want. 

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