Future Technologies in Supply Chain and Logistics

DFM Commentary:

The twin driving rationales of keeping pace with customer demands and the constant pressure for operational efficiency push freight transportation companies to evaluate and new technology. Most of the technologies require digitalization of the old analog processes, transactions, and documents. Gathering data is the easy part of improved efficiency and decision making. Cleaning and structuring data consume the majority of time and effort. DFM Data’s duplicate load and carrier data purging solution can help freight brokerages and freight agents be much more efficient and customer responsive.

Link to Source: https://www.cips.org/knowledge/procurement-topics-and-skills/procurement-technology/disruptive-technologies/

Quotes from Article:

“Industry 4.0 technologies will play a valuable role in the creation of smarter, better-connected supply chain networks, offering greater supply chain transparency, real-time tracking, better forecasting, critical thinking improved judgement, a reduction of inefficiencies, and an increased automation of repetitive tasks.”
“Supply chains are being transformed globally by the development of a more digitalised environment, where value chains are connected and distribution systems are increasingly intelligent, autonomous and automated.”

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