V-shaped recovery shifts capacity strategies of shippers, carriers, brokers

DFM Commentary:

Capacity and pricing in the spot freight market continue to be volatile with shipper industry winners and losers due to Covid-19 driving the change. The spot market and dynamic/digital freight matching are accelerating already fast growth. New dynamic freight matching brokerages seem to enter the market weekly. The growing overlap in load and carrier capacity posting causes daily inefficiency chasing phantom bookings. DFM Data has the solution.

Link to Source: https://www.ccjdigital.com/recovery-capacity-strategies-shippers-carriers-brokers/

Quotes from Article:

“Another emergent trend in 2020 is that shippers, 3PLs and carriers are bypassing request for proposals (RFPs) and working directly with trusted partners to create dynamic transportation solutions.”
“With carriers allocating more capacity to the spot market, shippers and 3PLs have been finding success with shorter-term contracts and more predictable schedules to get capacity commitments.”

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