C.H. Robinson and SAS Join Forces to Unlock New Era of Dynamic Business Planning for Retail and CPG Companies

DFM Commentary:

This press release reveals a different tact than much of the work being highlighted in the freight transportation press. C.H. Robinson’s work to connect to the broader end-to-end supply chain facilitates a more agile approach to planning and effectively addressing market volatility. Faster and more responsive transportation decision making in the broader supply chain requires good clean data from shippers, brokers, and carriers. DFM Data Corp’s focus is to provide the data hygiene that makes agile digital/dynamic freight matching operations work.

Link to Source: https://apnews.com/press-release/business-wire/technology-business-transportation-technology-transportation-and-shipping-industrial-products-and-services-391865471adf4cd0970c86daef13affb

Quotes from Article:

“More than ever, supply chain agility, based on real-time data, can be a competitive advantage for companies.
“…the freight transportation industry needs innovation in procurement and demand-planning to reduce cost, minimize risk, and increase the level of service for shippers…”

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