Innovative Consolidation Techniques for Improved Transportation Efficiency

DFM Commentary:

MIT’s Supply Chain Research Expo has a number of interesting transportation projects including one supported by GlobalTranz. It focuses on consolidation of LTL loads and better utilization of the carrier capacity. Data sharing has significant benefits to shipper, broker, carrier, and the environment. DFM Data Corp. while focused initially on data hygiene and broker productivity, looks forward to the expansion of the anonymized data sharing agreed to by its DFM members and the potential for improved outcomes of efficiency and carbon reduction. #digitalfreightmatching #sustainability

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Quotes from Article:

“Today, large shipments move directly from point to point on underutilized trucks, whereas small shipment move through a hub-and spoke network. Pairing these shipments together on a multi-stop route could not only reduce network cost, but reduce transit times, carbon emissions, and potential damage.”

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