The link between trust and economic prosperity

DFM Commentary:

Deloitte’s article provides the rationale backed by research for building trust at the macro country level, and it works the same way at the micro level in everyday B2B or B2C transactions. Fairness, some level of transparency, and meeting commitments are the basic building blocks of business relationships. Collaboration amongst industry leaders is necessary to solve issues that are common to market participants and further accelerate growth. DFM Data Corp. has the structured governance process and platform to facilitate trust and improved outcomes for the marketplace. Come join us.

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Quotes from Article:

“…we build and maintain trust by acting with competence and intentCompetence is foundational to trust and refers to the ability to execute, to follow through on what you say you will do and live up to your brand promiseIntent refers to the reason behind your actions, including fairness, transparency, and impact. One without the other cannot build or rebuild trust—both are needed.”
“Building greater trust with stakeholders, such as employees and supply chain partners, enables an organization to reallocate investment in oversight and monitoring toward other parts of the business.”

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