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Traditional freight brokers investing millions to stay on top – FreightWaves – Ben Thrower, Contributor 09/23/2019

 New technologies are changing the way the freight brokerage industry performs day-to-day operations. (Image: Jim Allen/FreightWaves) New technologies are changing the way the freight brokerage industry performs day-to-day operations. For the past several years it has been the consensus in the industry that the freight brokerage market is headed in the direction of doing everything […]

How much are digital freight brokerages really worth? (Video in source link) – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

If everything goes right, the market cap of all digital brokerages in the United States could total $30 billion in 10 years. The total addressable market for digital freight brokerage is a mere fraction of the size quoted in pitch decks and investment bank research reports, but there’s still plenty of upside for a few […]

FreightWaves research: Amazon’s new online freight platform is viewed negatively by 8 of 10 carriers and freight brokers – FreightWaves – Kevin Hill

Amazon’s entry into online freight matching is being met with skepticism and unease by much of the logistics industry, according to a market research report from the FreightWaves Freight Intel Group. The report, Amazon and the Logistics Industry, builds on the news FreightWaves broke on Amazon’s beta version of its online freight matching platform, freight.amazon.com. […]

FreightWaves Freight Intel Group researches “everything freight and logistics” – FreightWaves – Scott Mall, Managing Editor of Copy

As another service of FreightWaves SONAR, the Freightwaves Freight Intel Group was launched recently and is publishing in-depth research on “everything freight and logistics,” as Senior Research Analyst and team member Seth Holm described the Group’s mission. “We will be doing deep dives into topics that are most important to our industry, the inner workings […]

Uber Turns Over Nearly All Freight Revenue to Truckers, Analyst Says – WSJ – By Jennifer Smith

Uber Freight is sharing nearly all the revenue from its digital freight-matching platform with its carriers, according to a Morgan Stanley & Co. analysis that estimates it could be years before Uber Technologies Inc. ’s logistics division generates meaningful profits. Uber’s freight brokerage business launched in 2017 and uses technology to connect truckers with shippers […]

C.H. Robinson’s CEO Bob Biesterfeld Discusses Technology and the State of the Logistics Industry – Supply Chain 247 – By SMC³

5 Questions with C.H. Robinson CEO Bob Biesterfeld Bob Biesterfeld, President and Chief Executive Officer of C.H. Robinson (pictured above), recently spoke with SMC³ about the state of the industry and how technology is helping logistics stakeholders achieve their business objectives. At the Connections 2019 supply chain conference, Biesterfeld will provide further insight into the […]

Brokers, don’t fear apps, says freight veteran Andrew Clarke – FreightWaves – Michael Angell, Bulk and Intermodal Editor

The shadow of obsolescence seems to be hanging over freight brokerages, given the rise of digital load matching apps and other technologies. But industry veteran Andrew Clarke says he is optimistic about the future of freight brokers due to increasing complexity of supply chains. Speaking at Transparency19 in Atlanta, Clarke said the success of his […]

C. H. Robinson isn’t afraid of Amazon – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

( Photo: C.H. Robinson ) Biesterfeld: C.H. Robinson has maintained consistent margins through multiple disruption cycles C.H. Robinson (NASDAQ: CHRW) is not afraid of Amazon’s entrance into freight brokerage and welcomes the competition, incoming chief executive officer Bob Biesterfeld told Wall Street analysts on the company’s earnings call this morning. After prepared remarks by Biesterfeld, […]

Amazon’s Freight Push Rattles Logistics Sector – WSJ – By Jennifer Smith

Amazon.com Inc. is pushing deeper into logistics as it tries to tamp down transportation costs ahead of a pricey push into one-day shipping, raising potential concerns for freight operators that may end up competing for business with the e-commerce giant that many count as a significant customer. The online retailer has opened an online freight […]

Uber Freight, Convoy rise as traditional load boards lose market share – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

( Photo: Uber Freight ) Upstarts Uber Freight and Convoy continued to gain market share among freight-matching rivals, as more traditional load boards saw their market share ebb in the face of more heavily digitized competition, according to a report from investment bank UBS. The study by UBS Group AG (NYSE: UBS) is the bank’s […]