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Uber Freight, Convoy rise as traditional load boards lose market share – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

( Photo: Uber Freight ) Upstarts Uber Freight and Convoy continued to gain market share among freight-matching rivals, as more traditional load boards saw their market share ebb in the face of more heavily digitized competition, according to a report from investment bank UBS. The study by UBS Group AG (NYSE: UBS) is the bank’s […]

How Consolidation and Freight Networks Are Disrupting the Logistics Landscape – Transport Topics

Employees at C.H. Robinson. (Photo courtesy of Steven A. Smith) When financier Brad Jacobs launched his bid to consolidate the logistics industry in 2011, he set into motion a process that continues to reshape the industry today. But now there are other business strategies in play with the potential to disrupt the business and spur […]

Digital freight brokerage growth to accelerate sharply over next five years – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

The business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan released the results of its new study of trucking-as-a-service (TaaS) and digital freight brokerage this week. From an estimated current size of $11.2 billion, Frost & Sullivan expects TaaS to grow to $79.4 billion by 2025. Digital freight brokerage will account for the lion’s share of this market—Frost […]

Load-matching app downloads and stickiness leaderboard released by CarrierLists – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

CarrierLists, a firm that surveys small trucking carriers about their equipment, location and preferred lanes, has published the results of its digital freight brokerage/load-matching app study. In a survey conducted during January 2019, 113 small carriers (three trucks or fewer) answered questions about which load-matching apps they had downloaded and which ones they used on […]

App-Enabled Freight Platforms Help Small Carriers Find Loads, Boost Efficiency – Transport Topics – Mindy Long

The Uber Freight app provides drivers with upfront load pricing and quick payment, the company says. (Uber Freight) Large fleets typically have been the first to benefit from the spread of technology in trucking, but digital freight brokers are working to extend some of the same advantages to smaller carriers and independent drivers. Companies such […]

Goldman Sachs: digital disruptors will compress brokerage margins – FreightWaves – John Paul Hampstead, Associate Editor

But incumbents can protect their market shares Last week, a Goldman Sachs equity research team led by Matthew Reustle, CFA, released a report titled “Commoditizing Logistics: Assessing ‘Disruptive’ Links in the Supply Chain.” The report was apparently intended to answer investor questions about threats to large logistics incumbents’ margins and market share.  It’s worth noting […]

C.H. Robinson moving loads with data science Aaron Huff| @AaronHuffCCJ

Data scientists at Amazon and other e-commerce sites are experts at configuring algorithms to mine the search and purchase histories of consumers to recommend new products. Motor carriers are experiencing a similar phenomenon from some freight brokers and third-party logistics providers (3pls). Loads matching their present and future needs are being offered through apps, websites […]

Demo day session 3: 10 companies building solutions – FreightWaves – Chad Prevost

(Photo: Shutterstock) Logistical Labs is a saas-based suite of tools. Concentrating on the intermodal load decks. They typically start with two or three years of a customers data, but they’re flexible with whatever they may need. But if you do, you’re working with big data. They can put an unlimited amount of market sources. They’ve […]

Convoy and Uber Freight take on US truck brokerage – JOC – Chris Barnett, Special Correspondent

Convoy, backed by billionaire tech pioneers Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, and Uber Freight, an offshoot of the globally disruptive ride-sharing giant, are trying to grab a slice of the fragmented US truck brokerage market, taking different routes to lure skeptical drivers and capacity-hungry shippers. The two technology startups are attempting to persuade US shippers […]

Beyond EDI, part 1: carriers open the kimono to shippers, brokers – CCJ – Aaron Huff| @AaronHuffCCJ

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is engrained in the transportation industry. “Every time someone comes up with the killer idea that is going to kill or replace EDI, it never has. EDI continues to survive and thrive,” says Ken Craig, vice president of special projects for McLeod Software. Photo credit: Load Delivered EDI protocols enable shippers, […]