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Will blockchain extend or disrupt your business? – CCJ – Aaron Huff| @AaronHuffCCJ

Blockchain is the latest buzzword in transportation and logistics, but how and when this “digital ledger” technology will make an impact remains to be seen.     Perhaps the most anticipated benefit of the technology for carriers is to create smart contracts with shippers to have self-executing freight transactions. With a smart contract, the different […]

2017 Truckload Brokerage Roundtable: Technology continues to connect the dots – Logistics Management – By Jeff Berman, Group News Editor

Even though the U.S. GDP remains stagnant and retail sales continue to plod along, it hasn’t had much of an effect on the ever-expanding truckload brokerage market. At a time when capacity remains readily available and shippers aren’t scrambling for loads, the market is brimming with new entrants vying to make a name for themselves. […]

The presence of Uber Freight and other players raises the stakes for truckload brokerage – By Jeff Berman, Group News Editor

It basically goes without saying that changes are coming in regards to the frenetic pace of technological innovation in the world of truckload brokerage. Last week’s news that Uber has officially become a player in the space, with the introduction of its Uber Freight app, created a ripple effect of sorts. Where was this ripple […]

The path to visibility: carriers able to share instant tracking, pricing info – Aaron Huff – CCJ

A few years ago, it seemed unrealistic for shippers, third party logistics providers or brokers to expect total visibility from all carriers in their freight networks. Large and mid-size carriers probably had the technology to provide shipment visibility. Small carriers, however, traditionally have lacked onboard computers and software needed to automate an electronic data interchange (EDI) process and stand on […]