The Value Of A Digital Freight Marketplaces Over Traditional Brokerages

Inefficiency and the freight industry have been inextricably linked for generations. Traditional brokers have long been unable to meet the modern business needs of shippers and carriers who are looking to scale their operations. The void created by traditional brokers is now being filled by digital players who are capable of solving unique and complex logistical problems quickly and efficiently.
Why Transfix? 
Transfix is a leading digital freight marketplace connecting shippers to a national network of reliable carriers. Our cutting edge technology pairs shippers with trusted carriers while reducing empty miles, which, in turn, eliminates waste. Transfix doesn’t just move freight— our expert team aggregates and analyzes data from every single FTL shipment booked on our platform to help elevate and optimize the supply chain from start to finish.
Our platform and suite of tools were born of industry expertise and innovative tech. We automate transactions but not our interactions with customers. The vast majority of our transactions happen through automation, but there are always people supporting the account. That’s by design. The modern customer wants to enjoy the speed that automation can provide, but they also need their unique and challenging problems to be solved by people who understand both their business and this industry. We elevate our technology by placing savvy industry veterans at the controls who can think creatively and critically under pressure.
The Advantages of Working With Transfix
Reliable Capacity – You can always count on our nationwide network of vetted carriers for all your FTL needs, including live and drop shipments.
Competitive Pricing – Transfix TrueRate is our unique pricing approach which blends our machine-learning algorithm with industry expertise to deliver competitive and sustainable pricing shippers can trust for their contract and spot rates.
Dedicated Support – We don’t obsess over winning customers, we obsess over helping customers win. Our support team is on top of your every business need and proactively troubleshoots.
Real-Time Visibility – With Transfix you always know where your shipment is with real-time driver tracking and shareable email notifications. Easily monitor your OTP/OTD powered by our driver mobile app.
Actionable Data Insights – Big data is only as useful as the insights you extract from it. Our platform allows you to understand your data at a granular level, from reducing dwell time to lowering detention costs and more.
Why Digital?
Digital platforms and networks provide value that far exceeds what was once offered by traditional brokers. Tasks that were once labor intensive and time-consuming, have been automated and streamlined across the board. Emails, faxes and phone calls have been replaced with machine-learning enabled software that can perfectly match shippers to carriers in the blink of an eye. Transfix’s proprietary algorithm, for example, accurately quotes thousands of loads in seconds, a technological breakthrough that saves both time and money. As more carriers and shippers join the network, a flywheel effect is created, which benefits both sides of the market. As more shippers join the network, more route options are provided to carriers, driving down empty miles, which limits volatility within the market. As more carriers join the network, capacity increases and shippers see lower costs and higher service quality. A stable supply chain ecosystem has the potential to lower shipping costs, while simultaneously increasing earnings for carriers.
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